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Who Survived the Cinternet – Case Studies to Chinese Websites

Thanks for Professor Urs Gasser’s invitation. I am allowed to sit in his course of “Online Law and Business in a Globalized Economy” at Harvard Law School, and get an opportunity to present some understanding to Chinese websites. Because of the limited time slot, I just partly introduced the slides in the class. Therefore, here […]

Ten Websites Lead You Understanding the Features of Cinternet

As Google’s abrupt leaving from China, the splitting of the Internet seems faster and faster. I think the following ten websites can lead observers understanding the Chinese Internet. All of them survived China’s censorship, and are developing rapidly. Compare to the websites that has been blocked (that I listed on Wednesday here), they are the […]

Self-censorship: not the first time, not the last

According to, (baidu japan) is blocked to Chinese visitors by using the means of “Server Reset” because its image searching results may include illegal materials (under Chinese law). HeCaiTou, a Chinese blogger describes this self-censorship as a “self-castration” to avoid the possible punishment of the government’s “castration”. However, some other commentators do not […]