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The Story of a Chain Resturant

There is a big chain restaurant company who named itself Eatool. Based in Amilina (a country allowing people eat almost everything except small chicken), Eatool provides delicious meats, including pork, beef and adult chicken. At the same time, it also sells dishware and other stuffs in each of its restaurants. I. Few years ago, Eatool […]

An Academic Interview == 一次学术访谈

我按:一位在欧洲做知识产权研究的朋友发给我一些有关中国知识产权执法的问题,以下选取其中一些贴出来。为了方便阅读,他的问题和我的回答都是中英双语的。Note: A friend doing research in Europe sent me some questions on Chinese IP implementation. Here are some selected answers. To facilitate reading, both his questions and my answers are bilingual here.———————————————————-1. It is in many occasions argued that the confucian philosophy and its impact on the Chinese culture is one of the major factors […]