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Statutory Damages Flexible: Tenenbaum Case Updated

Represented by Professor Charles Nesson, Joel Tenenbaum pulled one back in his P2P downloading case, in which he was sentenced $675,000 dollars statutory damages to the copyright owners. I was sitting in the hearing when Professor Nesson presented his move of either placing a new trial or granting a remittitur. Briefly, Charlie’s argument is: 675,000 […]

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Chinese Posts at BlawgDog from Dec. 14th to Dec. 20th: English Abstracts

From December 14th to December 20th, 2009, seven new Chinese entries have been posted to the Blawgdog. Here are the brief one-sentence abstracts for the English readers’ reference: Top Ten 2009 Copyright News in ChinaChosen by the China Copyright Journal. I added the referral links to those news that had been commented at blawgdog. It’s […]

Paper Abstract – By John BURKE and Hao DONG

Competition Policy and Updating Vehicles for the Delivery of Legal Services: The New South Wales Experience and Lessons for Hong Kong John BURKE* & Hao DONG** Accepted by SSCI Journal: Asian and Pacific Law Review Abstract: Competition policy has been applied to the legal profession in NSW for over a decade. The introduction of a […]

BLawgDog Provides You Professional Law and Translation Services

BLawgDog Provides You Professional Law and Translation Services Precise, Professional & Practicable For My Bio, Click Here With more than ten years’ experience in online legal consultation, I provides you the following professional services. 1. Precise Legal, academic and commercial Translation (English Chinese) 2. Professional Legal Reserch (Including IP Searching, academic research and case searching […]