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Wanna setup a Personal Website in China? BEING TAKEN A Portrait Please.

  According to a new regulatory document (in Chinese) announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a personal website owner have to BE TAKEN a portrait when she/he is about to “register” the basic information of their websites. The title of the new regulation is: The Scheme of Further Commitment of the Verification […]

Abstracts of the Chinese Posts at BlawgDog from Dec 3 to Dec 13

Seven Chinese posts have been posted to the Blawgdog from December 3rd to December 13th, 2009. Here are the brief one-sentence abstracts for the English readers’ reference: A broadcast station = A Karaoke Shop?This essay roughly compared the standard of remuneration of using music recordings in the broadcast and TV programs (promulgated by the State […]

HONG KONG Legal Resources on the Internet

The Laws of Hong Kong (BLIS)This has been the Bilingual Laws Information System (BLIS) on the Internet prepared and hosted by the Department of Justice of Hong Kong for free public access since November 9, 1997. BLIS contains the Laws of Hong Kong in both Chinese and English. Users can search and retrieve the ordinances […]

Hong Kong Legislation on the Cyber Crimes

1. Laws against Hacking (Unauthorized Access, Access with Criminal Intent)There are two offences under the laws of Hong Kong aiming at “Hacking” activities:-Cap.106 S.27a – Unauthorised access to computer by telecommunicationCap.200 S.161- Access to computer with criminal or dishonest intent CAP 106 TELECOMMUNICATIONS orDINANCESection 27A – Unauthorized access to computer by telecommunications – 16/06/2000Section Num:27AVersion […]

License to Sing Finds no Legality in Chinese Law

Chinese official news agency reported this month that the Ministry of Culture is going to promulgate rules requiring singers and other entertainers to have a license in order to practice their profession. The Chinese Law Prof. Blog thought poorly of this forthcoming regulation but seems couldn’t help it since China’s Administrative Licensing Law dose not […]