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Ten Websites Lead You Understanding the Features of Cinternet

As Google’s abrupt leaving from China, the splitting of the Internet seems faster and faster. I think the following ten websites can lead observers understanding the Chinese Internet. All of them survived China’s censorship, and are developing rapidly. Compare to the websites that has been blocked (that I listed on Wednesday here), they are the […]

Harvard-MIT-Yale Cyberscholar Working Group Event

Just a cross-post from Berkman Website. I am going to talk at Harvard-MIT-Yale Cyberscholar Working Group monthly Meeting on 2 December 2009. The content of my talk will be posted later. 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm, Wednesday, December 2, 2009Conference Room 202, Berkman Center23 Everett St 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MAPlease RSVP to Herkko Hietanen at […]

Key Sentences at 2009 Free Culture Research Workshop

Oct 23 2009, Harvard Law School Hauser Hall 104, Free Culture Research Workshop 09. It is the first Berkman formal event I participated since I arrvied in Boston on 20 Oct. Here are some key sentences at the conference.   Terry Fisher: (quotes Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself) “Both in and out of the game, […]

Some comments to the research of Chinese law

After more than thirty years legal march, the Chinese legal system has been more and more complicated (although still immature and full of conflicts), and it is the time to review it as an integrated system but not only a target of criticism. For instance, the research to the text of Chinese legislation may frequently […]

Promoting and Protecting Human Rights in Transitional Cultures

Promoting and Protecting Human Rights in Transitional Cultures: An Empirical Case Study in Minority Regions (Excerpt) DONG Hao The article includes six sections. Only the Introduction and an excerpt of Part I and Part II are provided here. The Chinese full-text was published at Achieves for Legal Philosophy and Sociology of Law, Vol. 7, 2004, […]

BLawgDog Provides You Professional Law and Translation Services

BLawgDog Provides You Professional Law and Translation Services Precise, Professional & Practicable For My Bio, Click Here With more than ten years’ experience in online legal consultation, I provides you the following professional services. 1. Precise Legal, academic and commercial Translation (English Chinese) 2. Professional Legal Reserch (Including IP Searching, academic research and case searching […]