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Would Google.CN be a “Non-Search Engine” Site?

As you may have known, the domain “” had been automatically redirected to “” since this March. And last week, Google stopped such automatic redirection, and launched a web page at By clicking anywhere of the page, a visitor will be linked to Google’s Hong Kong site.  (please try ) Google’s SVP David […]

Internet Search Engines and Trademark Rights

Internet Search Engines and Trademark RightsBy Luckie HONGPublished at China Law & Practice, March 2009 Google and Baidu have become household names in China. Both companies provide internet search services, and both now offer keyword advertising programmes. Under these programmes, companies can purchase certain keywords – when a user searches for these words, targeted advertising […]

CTrip v Qunar – Who owns the Copyright?

It is widely reported (in Chinese) that Beijing Haidian District People’s Court has given its decision on the copyright disputes between CTrip and Qunar’s search engine crawls CTrip’s website, as well as other similar sites, and search the customers’ comments to hotels, then list the thumbnails of those comments in Qunar’s own pages. According to […]