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Abstracts of the Chinese Posts at BlawgDog from Dec 3 to Dec 13

Seven Chinese posts have been posted to the Blawgdog from December 3rd to December 13th, 2009. Here are the brief one-sentence abstracts for the English readers’ reference: A broadcast station = A Karaoke Shop?This essay roughly compared the standard of remuneration of using music recordings in the broadcast and TV programs (promulgated by the State […]

Self-censorship: not the first time, not the last

According to, (baidu japan) is blocked to Chinese visitors by using the means of “Server Reset” because its image searching results may include illegal materials (under Chinese law). HeCaiTou, a Chinese blogger describes this self-censorship as a “self-castration” to avoid the possible punishment of the government’s “castration”. However, some other commentators do not […]