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Video: Tim Wu talks the end of the Free Internet

Columbia law professor Tim Wu warns of the end of the free internet in his book The Master Switch. Watch Videos at Here

Do Not Dial 110 – or You will be Fined 500

[Translation] Notice As a respond to the spirit of “Welcome Asian Games, Build Homonization”, according to the admininstration & Service center of Rental Estate at Da Shi Street, all the non-permanent residencts living in the Da Shi Street should refrain from dialing “110” [Chinese 911 number]. Who dial once will be fined RMB500 [USD$75], twice […]

English Excerpts of the Chinese Entries published at from 25 Jan to 20 March

Here is the collection of the English abstracts for 21 Chinese entries published at BlawgDog from 25 Jan. 2010 to 20 Mar. 2010. For the English readers’ reference. DONG Hao, “Taxation Issues in the E-commerce” A book Chapter in LI Zuming (ed.), E-commerce Law, Beijing: University of International Business and Economics Press (2009), 19,000 Chinese […]

A little bit more about the “Cinternet” and the “Cyber-pluralism”

In the luncheon talk on 16 March at Berkman Center, I used the term of “Cinternet” and proposed the “Cyber-pluralism”. Nevertheless, the presentation was focused on the cases of some Chinese websites.  This may make audience think that I am arguing for an isolated network. Hence hereby I talk a little bit more about it. […]

Google’s Angry, Sacrifice and the Accelerated Splitting Internet

From, to, to Chinese name Guge, this Internet giant tried to fit its size and pose to the bottle of censorship, while it still can not afford the conflict of the values. In 2009, it has been blocked from access, humiliated for spreading porn and accused for copyright infringement. Finally, Google expressed its […]

Author’s right or Copyright: The Melting Pot of China’s Copyright Law

Here are the slides I presented at Harvard-MIT-Yale Cyberscholar Working Group Monthly Meeting on 2 December 2009. I reviewed the Chinese legislative history of copyright protection during the past hundred years, and draw the conclusion that the Chinese copyright law has been, and still is, justified with the utilitarian approach. I think that this characteristic, […]