One Down

Most of us will tell you that nothing, even the bar exam, felt as formidable as the first law school exam  – so congrats on getting through yesterday!

Please stop thinking about yesterday’s exam.  Most faculty will tell you that no student comes close to hitting all of the possible issues and points to be made in an exam so if you discuss it with friends, you will inevitably start fretting about points you missed.

Remember – 

·   If you have a question about exam logistics or the exam software, contact the Registrar’s Office (Pound 300) or 617-495-4612

·   If you have a problem related to an illness, or personal, family or medical emergency, contact Cat Collins in the Dean of Students Office (Pound 310) or 617-495-1880

·   During the exam, for any kind of emergency (software or personal), contact the proctor.