Handbook of Academic Policies


As we get ready to start the school year, we want to introduce you to the Handbook of Academic Policies (linked under Courses and Academic Programs on the Law School¹s website.


The Handbook contains the School¹s academic rules and policies, including detailed information about the requirements for degrees, registration and submission deadlines for all academic work, and policies regarding exams, academic honesty, and leaves of absence.


The Handbook also includes policies relating to your responsibilities as a member of the Law School and University communities.


Please familiarize yourself with the School¹s requirements, academic and otherwise.  All law students are held accountable for the information included in the Handbook of Academic Policies.


If you have any questions about the rules or policies contained in the Handbook, please contact one of us.


Thanks and here¹s to a great academic year!


Lisa Burns             Ellen Cosgrove

Registrar               Dean of Students

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