How to stay informed at HLS




Here are some quick tips about staying informed at HLS.


1.            Email

Your Harvard Law School email account is our primary method for contacting you so please check it daily.  You can check here for our office¹s student email archives.


2.            Calendar@Law

This is a daily announcement of events at the Law School as well as Administrative Updates (³Ad Up²)(any non-event announcements – a faculty member seeking a research assistant, an upcoming deadline, a competition) .  You are automatically signed up for daily emails.  Ad Up archives.


3.            News@Law

This is a daily update of media hits for members of the law school community.  You are automatically signed up for daily news@law emails.


4.            Message Me

MessageMe, Harvard University¹s Emergency Notification System, allows the University to quickly distribute critical information to you, wherever you are located, during an emergency.  MessageMe helps you to stay informed in the event of an emergency by sending alerts to your personal electronic device (cell phone, pda, smartphone, etc.) through text messaging, voice, and/or email.  Please sign up here.


5.            Twitter


6.            Facebook


7.            Calendar of  Events

The Law School¹s master calendar is  at  You can upload  events  to your calendar from here.

The closest thing we have to a University calendar is at


8.            Campus Newspapers

Law School student newspaper­ The Harvard Law Record

University student newspaper- The Crimson

University administration newspaper ­ The Gazette

Safety on and around campus


As the new year begins, I want to highlight a number of issues about safety.


  1. Our office hosts the Harvard University Police Department (³HUPD²) in an annual safety presentation early in the school year.  This year, the session will take place on Wednesday, September 12 at noon in WCC 1019.
  2. Our office sponsors RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) classes.  This year, we will hold two sessions in the fall on September 14  12-2 and September 27 3:30-5:30.  Please email wellness@law to register for either session.  In the spring, we will host a complete 4 night training session.  HUPD has more information about RAD and other RAD programs on campus at their website.  We are always happy to host other safety programs on request or collaborate with students or student organizations in arranging programs of particular interest..
  3. Our office offers a Laptop and Bike Registration program with HUPD.  This year, the registration will take place from Tuesday September 11 through Thursday, September 13th from 11am-1pm in the WCC first floor.  According to HUPD, the vast majority of crime on campus is property crime (95%). Most of the property stolen is left unattended in public areas or in unlocked rooms.  Never leave your belongings unattended and please insure your laptop and other valuables. Renter¹s insurance is fairly inexpensive.  It may also be the case that these items are covered by your parent¹s or spouse/partner¹s insurance.
  4. The University and Law School offer a number of evening transportation options.  Our website has info about campus transportation options including a campus shuttle system and a University evening van service which serves most areas of Cambridge.  For students who live outside the limits of the evening van services, the Law School offers an evening taxi service.  Taxi vouchers are available from the library¹s circulation desk during library circulation hours.  Finally, The University has a campus escort program.
  5. MessageMe is the University’s primary tool for emergency notifications to the campus community. MessageMe streamlines community communications allowing crisis support leaders to immediately and simultaneously send messages to the University community via the community members’ preferred contact methods: phone, text messaging, email, RSS, Facebook, or Twitter.  Currently, there are more than 24,000 MessageMe subscribers at Harvard.
  6. HUPD has an extensive website – it is really worth your time to familiarize yourself with the site.  From safety tips to resources to crime statistics, it is quite helpful.
  7. The website includes a link to the Clery Act statistics on campus crime for Harvard¹s previous academic year
  8. HUPD sends occasional community advisories when they wish to alert the community of a particular security issue.  Check the link for archived advisories.


I want to draw your attention to the past two advisories as they involved two rapes that occurred this August.  The first occurred in Harvard Yard on August 10 at 3:15 a.m.  The second happened near the intersection of Kirkland and Oxford streets on August 14 after 11:00 p.m.  More information about each report is available at:


The Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) is investigating these incidents aggressively and has increased patrols in recent weeks.


Although the survivor is never at fault, prioritizing one’s personal safety is a good idea. In light of these incidents, we encourage all of you to take precautions, particularly after dark.  The following recommendations come from the HUPD and the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (OSAPR)


  • Be aware of your surroundings and look assertive
  • Trust your intuition — if a particular situation makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, choose an alternative
  • Store the HUPD urgent number (617-495-1212) in your cell phone and call it immediately if you feel uncomfortable or afraid, or if you observe suspicious behavior.
  • Try to travel in groups after dark, use only well-lit routes or designated pathways, and do not allow yourself to be distracted by phone calls or by using ear buds.
  • Make use of campus shuttle buses, and the evening van service
  • Make use of the campus escort program (617-348-8237).
  • Note the location of blue-light phones.
  • Do not permit people whom you don¹t know to piggyback into the dorms or your apartment buildings.
  • Keep rooms/apartments locked at all times
  • For more safety information, please read the HUPD publication Playing it Safe
  • For information on what to do if you have been sexually assaulted, please read OSAPR¹s website
  • Call the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response for 24-hour confidential support and information at 617-495-9100.


If you ever have a personal concern about safety, please come to our office.  We can connect you to the appropriate resources.

More Orientation

Here is a list of upcoming Orientation Events


Wednesday, September 5th – Conversation with Dean Minow and Justice Kagan

5:00pm in Milstein East

Doors will open at 4:30 – First come first served

Overflow seating (if necessary) in Milstein West & WCC 2012

Please note ­ Bags will not be permitted in Milstein East

(As an aside, since this comes up whenever there is a high profile speaker, the security team working the event sets the rules.  Generally, items that fit in your pockets and very small (think wallet sized) purses are permitted – but laptops, laptop bags, book bags, etc. are prohibited). 


Friday, September 7th – Red Sox Game at Fenway Park (v. Blue Jays)


Tickets available in our office (WCC 3039) between 8:30-5:30

Tix cost $30 (cash, check, credit card (everything but Discover))


Saturday September 8th ­ Community Service Volunteer Opportunities

  • 10:00am-1:00pm : Emerald Necklace Conservancy for the ³Restoration of the Woodlands,² at Olmsted Park in Boston (Meet at WCC South Lobby at 9:15am, depart at 9:30am)
  • 9:30am-12:30pm: The Food Project¹s Lynn Farm & Beverly Farm (Meet at WCC South Lobby at 8:15am, depart at 8:30am)

Please email dos@law if you wish to participate


Wednesday, September 12th Safety Talk with Harvard University Police Department (HUPD)

12:00pm-1:00pm  in WCC 1019


Tuesday, September 11th  ­ Thursday, September 13th Bike and Laptop Registration with HUPD

11:00am-1:00pm ­ First Floor WCC


Thursday, September 13th Public Service Kick-Off

7:00pm,  Austin North


Saturday, September 15th ­ Sam Adams Brewery Tour

Depart WCC South Lobby at 9:30

Please email dos@law if you wish to participate


Administrative Board

The Law School¹s Administrative Board has responsibility for matters involving student discipline, dispensations from and interpretations of the academic rules and practices of the School, Third Year Visit petitions (requests to visit Harvard or visit away from Harvard), petitions to participate in the Berkeley Exchange Program, and leaves of absences.


The Board’s membership consists of three faculty, three administrators, and three students.  Students serve three year terms and are expected to participate in a few meetings each semester (times are set based on Board members¹ availability).


If you are interested in serving, please send a short statement of interest and a resume to by Thursday, September 20th.  Thanks.

Exams: Study Breaks and Important Information


This time of year is very stressful, so be good to yourself.  Remember to sleep, eat actual food (that doesn’t come from vending machines), exercise (unless you’re like me and exercise isn’t part of your routine in which case this is probably a bad time to start), and use caffeine and energy drinks and in moderation.

Exam Study Breaks:

Midnight Pancake Breakfast
The Dean of Students Office staff has a tradition of serving up carbs and greasy food during Reading Period (and yes we get the inconsistency with the statement above).  Join us at the Midnight Pancake Breakfast upstairs in the Hark on Tuesday, December 11th from 10:30pm – 12:30am.

Law School is Ruff
The Dean of Students Office and the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund will once again co-sponsor a study break for students who love dogs and dogs who love students.  We have ten dogs signed up to visit so far.  Studies show that interacting with pets decreases stress and increases endorphins.  Join us on December 12, 11:30-1:30 on Jarvis Field.

De-Stress Chair Massage Breaks
Chair massages will take place on the first floor of the Hark (Fireside Lounge) from 11:30am-2:30pm on the following days:

·         December 11th
·         December 13th
·         December 18th
·         December 19th

Show up early to sign up for a free ten-minute massage from massage therapists from Harvard’s Center for Wellness.
We will have snacks and blank holiday cards so you can send holiday cards to members of the military.

Exam Instructions:

Exams at HLS are anonymous. Please do not contact your professor about an exam for any reason.

·   If you have a question about exam logistics or exam software:
contact Sandy Parker, Assistant Registrar for Curriculum, Enrollment and Examinations 617-384-7778 (backup – Registrar’s Office email or general number 617-405-4612  (WCC4007).

·   If you have an exam concern related to an illness, disability, personal, family or medical emergency:
contact Stephanie Russo, Disabilities Services Associate, Dean of Students Office 617-495-8733 (backup – Dean of Students’ Office email or general number 617-495-1880 (WCC 3039).

In case of illness before an exam:
·         If you are sick on an exam day, you should go directly to UHS (Holyoke Center 5th Floor )(75 Mt Auburn St) (617-495-4414) and have the doctor contact Stephanie Russo as soon as possible.
·         If you get sick after hours or on a weekend, go to UHS.  The urgent care number (24/7) is 617-495-5711. Please have your doctor contact Stephanie as soon as possible.
·         If you are sick and cannot get to Holyoke Center by yourself, call the Harvard University Police Department for a medical transport. Their number is 617-495-1212 (emergency) 617-495-1215 (non-emergency).

In case of illness during an exam:
·         If you become ill in the middle of an in-class exam, please tell a proctor immediately so s/he can stop the clock.  Then go to UHS and have the doctor call Stephanie. If you have seen the exam, barring exceptional circumstances, you must finish it that day, so you will see a doctor, stabilize, and finish later.
·         If you get sick during a take-home exam, please contact Stephanie and go to UHS.

Please note:
·   We cannot make any adjustments to an exam after the fact, so please stop the exam if necessary.
·   If there is an emergency (either personal or involving a family member), or any other issue that might affect your ability to take your exam contact Stephanie as soon as possible.
·   Please note: exams cannot be deferred because of computer theft or malfunction so please be sure to back-up all of your notes and outlines.  In the event of a malfunction, the Computer Lab has a limited number of laptops available for exam taking.

Just a reminder:  please don’t leave your computers and other personal items unattended.    There have been thefts in the library and elsewhere on campus and these often get worse as exams approach.

Registrar’s Exam website:…

Academic Support website:…

University Health Services website:

Please be in touch with any concerns or questions.  Good luck!

Sandy Efforts

Following up on Dean Minow’s email, we have been fielding suggestions from many students and student organizations about potential Sandy relief efforts.

Some student organizations have already gotten started.  To date, we are aware of the following:

·   WLA is coordinating a collection of clothing, blanket, toiletries, etc in the donation bins in the Hark
·   Law School Republicans are coordinating a Blood Drive on November 29th

Additional details will be posted on the calendar and on posters around the Law School.

In an effort to coordinate the activities and interests, we’ll hold a meeting of students interested in suggesting/organizing/collaborating initiatives to aid in Sandy relief.

The meeting will be held on Friday, November 9 at 12:00 in Milstein East C (lunch served).

If you can’t attend but wish to be added to the list for future emails, please email dos@law.

Election Info


Just a reminder – students voting in MA for the first time: if you registered to vote by mail, you will be required to show identification when you vote.

Acceptable identification must include your name and the address at which you are registered to vote, for example: a current and valid driver’s license, photo identification, current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document showing your name and address.

If you do not provide such identification, the Help America Vote Act of 2002 requires that you may only cast a provisional ballot which will be counted later, but only after your eligibility to vote has been determined.

After you vote and volunteer, please join us for an election night party at the Pub & Haas Lounge starting at 7pm.  Cool giveaways for the first 50 people, 2 drink tickets for all HLS students (bring your ID), heavy hors d’oeuvres and kosher food available.

Come celebrate democracy and root for your favorite Harvard Law School alumnus!

Election Related Announcements

We have several election related announcements:

1.      Students volunteering on election day, may request to have classes recorded with the following caveats:  classes only (not seminars or reading groups), faculty permission is required (the registrar will handle those permissions).  There is always a chance that something can go wrong (technical glitch etc) so please also plan to get notes from a classmate as backup.  If you wish to request a class taping, please email the registrar by Thursday, November 1 at 3pm.  In the email, you should include your name, the classes for which you are registered (names of course and faculty name)

2.      You are invited to an election night party at the Law School starting at 7pm in the Pub and Haas Lounge (and other areas of the first floor of WCC).  We’ll have several broadcasts (different channels in different locations) and will have food and drink (2 drink tickets to each student then a cash bar).  I learned after 2000 not to say “the election party ends after the winner is announced” so the expectation is that we will end after the winner is announced but we may set a cut-off time if it doesn’t look like we’ll have a winner that night.

3.      From The Crimson:
The Crimson has taken presidential election polls since at least 1884, when James Blaine beat out Grover Cleveland by just 20 votes among Harvard men. Harvard picked Alfred Landon and Wendell Wilkie over FDR in the 1936 and 1940 polls. At Harvard, Dewey really did defeat Truman, by a margin of more than 2:1.

Now it’s your turn to be a part of history.

Click here to vote in The Crimson’s 2012 presidential election poll. We’ll find out whether Law School students or Grad School of Design students like Obama more, whether science or humanities concentrators are more likely to pick Romney, and how many Harvard students want to legalize medical marijuana in Massachusetts.

Please cast your ballots by 5 p.m. today so that we can analyze the results and announce them before Election Day. You need not be a registered voter to participate.  Contact  managingeditor at with any questions. Happy voting!