The Ultimate Getaway Car






A British company, Gibbs Technologies, has made a breakthrough
in amphibeous vehicles.  According to the company, the previsous
speed record for a street-legal amphibeous car was 6 knots in the water;
the The Gibbs Aquada Bond Series will do 100 mph on land and 30 knots
in the water, for about $250,000.


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16 Responses to The Ultimate Getaway Car

  1. kay says:

    Great Stuff:-)

  2. Aquada says:

    I found another article on the Aquada

    This is a cool car for those James Bond types.


  3. Cool Cars says:

    This is definitely one of the coolest cars out there

  4. Great pictures of this water car. Now, next we need a suberine car like in James Bond. That would be the ultimate get away car! They couldn’t even see you or hope to follow you. Helicopters could easily follow the car/boat above.

  5. Very interesting article, i bookmarked your blog
    Best regards

  6. I think this is facinating. But I am not sure whether there is a market for cars that can be driven on the water.

  7. i think i saw a video on youtube about this car, must be an english company that built it. What kinda engine does it have?

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  9. Kuspne says:

    nice bond car 🙂

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  11. mike says:

    This looks odd, like it’s been in an accident or something.
    Where do the front wheels go?

  12. This would be great for my commute from sandbanks to bournemouth every morning on the way to my carpet cleaners business

  13. Looks brilliant. I just saw a working underwater car on The Gadget Show. Not on the open market but a brilliant bit of kit!

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