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A Really Dirty Picture

  Former University of New Hampshire football player Matt Mezquita scores a touchdown for the Mount Washington Valley Hogs Sept. 5 in their first-round game in the World Mud Bowl Championships in North Conway, N.H. Eight teams from across New … Continue reading

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Depopulation as Policy

One line in my recently posted essay "Approaching Critical Mass" has drawn some pointed responses. I wrote, "Would the developed world’s ignorance of the million-man massacres going on right now in the Congo continue if there were a blogger in every … Continue reading

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Maybe if he had a Blog to keep him Busy…

When magician David Blaine organized his latest feat – six food-free weeks hanging in a plexiglass box beside London’s Tower Bridge – he prepared for loneliness, hunger and boredom. He may not have planned for Londoners. Since he entered the … Continue reading

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Assorted Insurance Scams

Its amazing the lenghts to which people will go to obtain whatever they feel will solve their immediate problems. Yesterday the Boston Globe featured a story about pre-arranged auto accident insurance claims. A Lawerence, Mass grandmother was selling "seats" in the … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Flying Linebacker Photo

I admit, I love football. I think I love the atmosphere as much as the game itself. Fall in the air, marching bands stepping smartly in synch, scantily clad cheerleaders strutting their stuff while men in armor and warpaint have … Continue reading

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