BloggerCon Beginners Sessions Set


Just sent Dave the blurb for the Beginners Sessions at BloggerCon.  It’s
starting to look like I will be leading all three sessions, which I don’t
mind except it means I will miss what I am sure will be fantastic sessions
by Joi
, Eugene
, Halley
and others. But all calls to service involve sacrifice.

Remember, Day
of BloggerCon is FREE, so any readers I may have out
there (my readers are no longer completely theoretical! Last night at
the Berkman Blogger meeting Ryan Overbey came
up and said he enjoyed reading Dowbrigade! The first time someone I didn’t
personally tell about
the blog actually confessed to reading it!) who can, please stop by and
say "Hi!".

Beginners Session: Blogging 101

When: October 5 , 9:00AM, 11:00AM and 1:30 PM

Where: Pound 203

Presenter: Michael Feldman of Dowbrigade

Who Attends: Newbies, people who have recently started blogs, people
who have been trying to start a blog, people who are thinking about starting
a blog and people who are just interested in finding out what all the
excitement is all about.

Description: A general orientation to the blogging phenomena will be
followed by a step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog at Berkman
or elsewhere, the basics of how to compose, post and edit a
blog entry, how to post pictures, and how to manage a blog. Questions
will follow.

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  1. Lisa Chau says:

    I definitely want to talk to you — I started my independent study…

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