Why I Always Keep a Roll Handy

WASILLA, Alaska – A hunter attacked by a grizzly bear
on a remote trail said he used duct tape to bind his bite wounds, then
rode an all-terrain vehicle to his pickup truck and drove himself to
a hospital.

Bill Murphy said the Sept. 17 attack happened after he surprised a grizzly
cub and its mother on a trail about 50 miles northeast of Anchorage where
he was hunting for moose and sheep.

"I just lay perfectly still and
said, ‘God, don’t bite my head,’" Murphy said. He wrapped duct tape
around his shoulder and cut up a cloth bag to wrap around his thigh.
He hiked out to his four-wheeler, rode
about 15 miles back to his pickup truck and drove a half hour to Valley
in Palmer.

the Associated Press.

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