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What Makes a Blog a Blog?

What is a blog?  Deeper minds than mine have pondered that one, and far from reaching a consensus, the commentators, or rather practicing bloggers, keep expanding the blogosphere and pushing the envelope of what can be considered a blog. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Baby Hitler Promo

Since my college roommate got out of the pen after a long stretch for an unresolved Roman Polanski complex, he has been sending me weird bits and pieces of internet detritus. This little gem defies description, so I’ll just leave … Continue reading

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Harvard Community Museum Day

Hey Everyone, I just found outthat tomorrow, Sunday, from 1 to 5 pm, ALL OF THE HARVARD MUSEUMS ARE OPEN FREE OF CHARGE. This includes the Fogg Art Museum, the Sackler Museum, The Busch-Reisinger, the Semitic Museum and the Peabody … Continue reading

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An idea whose time has come. Once again the Pinhead is on the cutting edge of contemporary democracy. Trust Zippy to have his finger on the pulse of American political consciousness. The Dowbrigade respectfully nominates: Governor of Texas – Chuck … Continue reading

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