An idea whose time has come. Once again the Pinhead is on the cutting
edge of contemporary democracy. Trust Zippy to have his finger on the
pulse of American political consciousness. The

Governor of Texas – Chuck Norris

Governor of New York – Bruce Willis

Governor of Iowa (home of the bridges of Madison County) – Clint Eastwood

Governor of New Jersey – Geena Davis (for The Long Kiss Goodnight)

Governor of Wyoming – Harrison Ford

Mayor of Miami – Don Johnson

Mayor of Washington D.C. – Samuel L. Jackson

Mayor of Seattle – Bruce Lee (digitally ressurrected)

comments? additions?

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4 Responses to Celebocracy

  1. Dave Winer says:

    Mayor of Boston — Chris Lydon

  2. Mark Gardner says:

    Mayor of Philadelphia: Sylvester Stallone

  3. Jay Cross says:

    Governor of Pennsylvania: Charles Bronson

    Mayor of New York: King Kong

    Governor of Washington: Sasquatch

    Asst Governor of Texas: Anna Nicole Smith

  4. Kay Headley says:

    Governor of Colorado – John Denver, no wait, he’s no longer with us….Dennis Weaver (he lives in an earthship home in Aspen, ya know)

    Governor of Alabama – co-chaired by the group “Alabama” – who else?

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