Ever Wish You Could Just Get Away?


Alanis Morissette shocked fans when she ended her first gig in Peru by
shouting: "Thank you Brazil!"

Morissette made the mistake in front of a 14,000 crowd at the Monumental
Stadium in Lima.

Before the gig Alanis Morissette visited the Inca town of Macchu Pichu.

from Ananova

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9 Responses to Ever Wish You Could Just Get Away?

  1. johnny says:

    Dang. I know that has to sucks. Ha! Ha! LOL! Everybody gets embarrassed once in awhile. damn.

  2. alanis_clear_voice says:

    aww!!! Poor thing! That must have SUCKED

  3. wb says:


  4. ken says:

    Rumor Patrol:

    This story was also featured on 101 cebrity oops. however it is the show and also this website that are experiencing an oops, because she did not say Thank You Brazil….. She said Thank You, Bless You!

    Isn’t it Ironic? Dont ya Think? A little too ironic. I really do think alanis is awesome.
    Buy her new cd soon!!!
    Lets break the jlp record sales for this one!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    dang few that was pretty merky

  6. Anonymous says:

    what a dumb hoe someone needs to shoot that bi-otch my nigga

  7. martin simms says:

    Anonymus says; what a snively, slimey ,creepy cowadly meaning’less little guttersnipe you must be. The ony type of people who would even think like that are desinged geneticley to exist so that they can meet up with the likes of you, multiply and annoy the rest of us enough to take pleasure in the fact that you’ll most likely be locked up someday with your peers. and then you little creep, you;ll learn the meaning of the word dumb.

  8. John Payso says:

    Wonder why did Alanis sing Thank you India, Thank you Terror! sorry missed the whole sync out here! I hope she did not indicate India and terror! that will be a big shame!
    cause to my knowledge India is a land of Peace and democracy!


  9. Vivian says:

    … you know she said “Thank you, bless you”, right?


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