Russian Posters Depict Rape of Dollar


My God, is nothing sacred? Iconic Russian pornography espousing Eurosupremacy!
The US as Eurobitch! The Russian text reportedly reads "They all look the same in the dark!"

Advertising authorities in Moscow have banned a poster campaign showing
the euro having sex with the US dollar.

The campaign, by the Russian Finance magazine,
was judged immoral by the Moscow Committee for advertising and information,
reports Izvestia. Advertising company News Outdoor had to tear
down 100 posters overnight in Moscow, after receiving a warning letter
from the committee chairman Igor Presnyakov.

Magazine publisher Igor Maltsev said he did not realise what the posters were
supposed to represent.

" I thought the currencies were dancing on our poster," he said.
" But after hearing from Mr Presnyakov I saw that, yes, maybe, this is a
love scene."

LOVE SCENE, Igor? Taking it from behind from a swarthy blue-blood
Euro is a love scene? Where I come from its enough to turn any true-blue
Ameriucan green. This is not a romantic scene,
in my humble opinion, and would probably have required an American military
response had the posters not been torn down.


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  1. I am fascinated at how great the info is on this webpage. I have written down this website and I really intend on coming back to the site in the next few days. Keep up the great work!

  2. Laura says:

    As an American, what can I say. As a graphic designer? OMG this poster is incredible!!

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