No Such Thing as Coincidence part II

the biggest deal in recent Boston business history, the 141-year-old
John Hancock Financial Services has been sold to Manulife, a Canadian
insurance and financial services conglomerate, for $10.9 billion. In
an incredible "coincidence", the presidents
of the two companies HAVE THE SAME LAST NAME. And yet, an ingenuous press
expect us to believe they are NOT RELATED. According to the Boston
, Hancock chief executive David D’Alessandro and Manulife chief
executive Dominic D’Alessandro are not related.

For those of you not from around here, D’Alessandros are not exactly
running rampant through the streets of Beantown like Curleys, Kennedys
and Corcorans. When a 10 billion dollar deal goes down between two guys
with the same name, eyebrows need to be raised. I know that in Massachusetts
when you buy a used car from a member of your immediate family you can
avoid paying excise tax. Is that what’s going on here, or something even
more sinister?

the Boston Globe.

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