Hell On Earth, And Beyond

TAMPA — The leader of the rock band Hell on Earth said yesterday that
an onstage suicide will be conducted during a private St. Petersburg
this weekend in defiance of a new city law designed to stop the act.

”The show will go on,” Billy Tourtelot said. ”It will be available on
the Internet, and it will be in the city limits” of St. Petersburg.

Earlier in the day, the St. Petersburg City Council unanimously approved
an emergency ordinance that makes it illegal to conduct suicide for entertainment
purposes or to host, promote, or sell tickets for such an event.

The Tampa-based band, known for such outrageous onstage stunts as chocolate
syrup wrestling and grinding up live rats in a blender, announced earlier
this month that the suicide would take place during a show at the State
Theater in downtown St. Petersburg. But the theater’s owner promptly
canceled the band’s appearance. Another venue also turned away the event.

Tourtelot, 33, said the suicide show will be played Saturday before a
”select few people” at an undisclosed location in St. Petersburg and
be shown live on the band’s website. He would not disclose details about
the terminally ill person or say how the person planned to kill himself.

the Boston Globe

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