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Satrys Captured in Greek Sweatshop


A Greek automaker has been accused of employing
satyrs under sweatshop conditions in their isolated island assembly plant,
as shown in these exclusive photos smuggled out by a fugative satyr.

It is believed that the automaker has signed a pact with
a major underworld figure to obtain these slave laborers.


(Actually, the real story accompanying this picture is even weirder than
the one I made up, including the name of the markeing director of Manor

The male residents of a village have stripped off for their own version
of a fundraiser which inspired the hit movie Calendar Girls. The 50 men
overcame their shyness to get their clothes off for a calendar depicting
life in the Borders village of West Linton.

Sheena Charity, group sales and marketing director for Manor Kingdom,
added: "The funds raised from the calendar’s sales will help support
a lot of breast cancer charities. We were very happy to get involved and
help ensure that as much money as possible goes to those organisations
which need it."

from Ananova

And Me Without a Thing to Wear


It’s that
time of year agian! Strap on your dual-processor bellypacks and button
up your
overclocked overcoats, because here is the official invitation to the
ISWC 2003 7th IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers.  Sponsored
by the fashion mavens at MITs Media Lab, this conference/show brings
together researchers, product vendors, fashion designers, textile manufacturers,
users, and all other interested parties to share information and advances
in wearable computing. Oct. 21-23, 2003 Crowne Plaza Hotel, White
Plains NY.

the Official Invitation