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School Sued over Wi-Fi Health Risk


I’m not exactly sure what the heck these little fellers are, except
that they are called "Radiolarians" and their picture came up when I
did a Google image search for "radiowaves"…

A pioneering elementary school district outside Chicago
has been sued for installing a wireless computer network by parents worried
that exposure to the network’s radio waves could harm their children.
According to the complaint, filed last month in Illinois state court,
parents of five children assert that a growing body of evidence outlines "serious
health risks that exposure to low intensity, but high radio frequency radiation
poses to human beings, particularly children."

Wired News

Note Taking in the Digital Age


For every student, note taking is a necessity.
For some, that may be easier than for others. But in any case, mobile
technologies have the potential to change the process dramatically "especially
when specific note taking software is developed for the Tablet PC. "

Werner had
one at BloggerCon.
I’d like to see his notes except I wouldn’t understand anything because
they’re probably in double
Dutch and geek speak.

Syllabus Magazine

Evil Princeton Plan Thwarted


SunnComm Technologies said it will likely
sue John "Alex" Halderman, a graduate student at Princeton
University, after Halderman published a paper explaining how to defeat
CD copy protections developed by SunnComm. Halderman’s paper pointed
out SunnComm’s copy protections can be avoided simply by holding the "Shift" key
when loading the
protected CD in a computer, which prevents the protection software from

"We feel we were the victim of an unannounced agenda
and that the company has been wronged," SunComm CEO Jacobs said. "I
think the agenda is: ‘Digital property should belong to everyone on the

from CNet

How to build a low-cost, high-speed terascale supercomputer at home in your spare time



Virginia Tech is building a supercomputer that "will arguably
be one of the world’s cheapest world class supercomputers (and) the most
powerful homebuilt supercomputer in the world," said VT president
Charles Steger, speaking at a Virginia IT Symposium. Srinidhi Varadarajan,
a Tech engineering professor, is leading a team building
a low-cost, high-speed terascale supercomputer from a cluster of off-the-shelf
industry components, including 1,100 new Apple G5 desktop computers.

The strategy will cost about one-tenth of what most supercomputers cost, school
officials said.

Will the resulting scientific production outweigh what they would have
engendered by giving each member of the freshman class one of the G5s?

Virgina Tech


Dutch Wireless Underwear Saves Lives


A Dutch model demostrates what can happen when a heart attack strickes
someone NOT using the new wireless underwear.

Dutch scientists have developed underwear that
calls an ambulance if the wearer has a heart attack.

The Philips Research Laboratories in Eindhoven has developed bras, vests
and pants that register and analyse the wearer’s heartbeat.

The sensors are linked, via wireless technology, to a mobile phone which
automatically makes contact with an alarm center or an ambulance in an


Music Soothes the Savage Blogger


is an integral part of the life of the well-rounded blogger, and many
of my favorite blogs have found ways to incoprorate that part of their
world. Andrew Grumet has
a super-cool hack on his blog that constantly displays and updates the
titles and cover art of the last 10 songs he
listened to.  Adam Curry has
written an ingenious Applescript that aggregates mp3s from attachments
while he sleeps and loads them onto
his iPod, which is ready to go when he wakes up in the morning.

Not to be left behind, although I couldn’t hack my way out of a paper
bag and can’t afford an iPod, I would like to post the playlist of the
songs I plan to play on my Ukulele tomorrow sitting in the back of the
Green Line "B" train on the way to work.

No, actually I usually burn a cheapo CD before I go to bed with the
music I want to listen to on the train on my cheapo no-brand CD player.  For
better or worse, here is tomorrow’s list:

First a set from Jonathan Richman, who I have had a hankering
to hear lately

1 A Higher Power
2 Abdul And Cleopatra
3 Hey There Little Insect
4 I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar
5 Ice Cream Man.
6 Jonathan Richman-Instrumental
7 Let Her Go Into the Darkness
8 Reno
9 Vincent Van Gogh
10 Una Fuerza Alla

Then some dynamite guitar from Joe Satriani
11 Always With Me, Always With You

Some old reggae from the Heptones
12 Heptones-Storm Clouds

Then some classical guitar
13 Brandenburg Guitar

A little Van the Man from his Cambridge period
14 Sweet Thing

15 Velvets-Sweet Jane (the original)

Marta Gomez, a new voice out of the Berklee School
16 El Hormigueo

And a REAL oldie to wrap it up
17 Curved Air – It Happened Today.

Japanese firm denies involvement in orgy in


TOKYO — A Japanese company has denied that it was involved in “systematic prostitute buying” as reported in China, but expressed regret over the damage caused to Japan-China relations, Senior Vice Foreign Minister Ichiro Aisawa said Thursday.

The company, whose name was withheld, admitted it organized a party attended by a number of “Chinese companions” in a hotel in Zhuhai in Guangdong Province, but that all of its employees left for another hotel without being accompanied by the women, Aisawa said at a regular news conference.

from Kyodo News