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Ashcroft After Eco-Scum


to appear in the crosshairs of John Ashcroft in his ongoing campaign
to strike fear in the hearts of civil libertarians and eco-weenies everywhere is John Passacantando, executive director
of Greenpeace in the United States. 15 months after two Greenpeace
activists spent a weekend in jail for boarding a cargo ship they said
was loaded with illegal mahogony, the Dept. of Justice has indicted
the ORGANIZATION itself for the same incident, using a 1890’s law enacted
to thwart "sailor-mongers" who would board ships with liquor, drugs
and loose women to lure about-to-be-paid sailors to disreputable boarding

"The heart of Greenpeace’s mission," prosecutors wrote, "is
the violation of the law."

For his part, Passacantando,
whose last name loosely means, if my Spanish serves me, "Goes-around-singing",
stays cool. "The federal government
is using 9/11 to come down harder on an action like this, which was a
good and dignified and peaceful action."

The New York Times

Science Finally Discovers Dowbrigade


‘Cosmic Jerk’ That Reversed the Universe

Oct. 10 Astronomers said on Friday that they had determined the time
in cosmic history when a mysterious force, "dark energy," began
to wrench the universe apart. Five billion years ago, said Dr. Adam Riess,
an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore,
the universe experienced a "cosmic

Always knew we were the second coming of SOMETHING

The New York Times

Rush to Judgement?


in this space
earlier, Rush Limbaugh has checked himself into
rehab after being caught red-handed popping pills he obtained from multiple
sources, including celebrity groupie doctors and his own maid. I
always wondered why they called him "Rush"….

"The nation’s top-rated talk-radio host said his experience with painkillers
– which reportedly included the prescription drug OxyContin, known as "hillbilly
heroin" – began six years ago, when his doctor prescribed them following
spinal surgery."

The New York Post

Quote of the Day (on the story above)


“You can hire Rush Limbaugh’s housekeeper, or you can elect me President of the United States.”

Sen. John Kerry on the two ways to get lower prescription drug prices. Uh, John, do you happen to have her phone number?

Gadzooks! Fellatio Reduces Breast Cancer Risk


Women who perform the act of fellatio on a regular basis, one
to two times a week, may reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to
40 percent, a North Carolina State University study found. Doctors had never
suspected a link between the act of fellatio and breast cancer, but new
research being performed at North Carolina State University suggests
that there could be an important link between the two.

Who knew? Who knows? Judge for yourself…

CNM Health

650 Million Small Arms=1 Death Every Minute


Peru, Oct 9 (Reuters) – With someone, somewhere in the world killed every
minute by guns, lobby groups on Thursday launched a campaign for a global
treaty to curb what they called an out-of-control international weapons
trade. "Small arms are … the new threat of mass destruction," said
Rebecca Peters, head of the International Action Network on Small Arms,
550 organizations in 100 countries. The network, along with Amnesty
International and the aid group Oxfam launched the campaign in Lima,
Nairobi and London.

Light weapons kill half a million people a year, Peters said, and there
are 650 million such firearms in circulation — one for every 10 people
on earth