University Founder Murdered by President


from the Boston Globe

Here’s a story out of California which features
money, power, murder by poisoning and a cover-up in academia.  It
turns out that Jane Stanford, wife of the founder of Stanford University,
and its guiding light after his death, was probably murdered.

Her death. following a picnic in Hawaii, where she was
recovering from a previous poisoning attack, was at the time ruled due
to heart failure. However, newly uncovered evidence points to strychine
poisioning by none other than the revered ichthyologist she and her husband
had hired to be the first President of Stanford.

”Now comes a great evil at the heart of the myth,” Stephen
Requa, a retired Stanford profesor and author of the reserarch, said.
”It’s a blemish on the university. It can’t just be brushed off.”

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  1. Carrie Tucker

    December 15, 2008 @ 5:32 am


    A sad story if I ever heard one. The jerk got away with it? What could be sadder.