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Last Call for Baseball

Posted by glasscastle on 16th October 2003

a few short hours the most significant baseball game of the modern era
will get underway at Yankee Statium,
and I won’t be there.  I won’t be watching on TV either.  Instead
I’ll be with Dave Winer and his zany band of bloggers at the regular
Thursday night meet-up at the Berkman center.

The Dowbrigade know that when he enters the room Dave will
exclaim, "Well look who’s here.  I thought we wouldn’t see
you til next week.  Aren’t you going to watch the game?"

"Well, Dave," I will answer, "I would much prefer to pass
this evening with you guys than watching the game of the century, because
YOU, Dave, have not let me down EVERY FALL for the past 32 years.  Because
you, my friend, would never RIP my HEART from my chest and stomp it into
the dirt behind home plate!"

What can I say? Last week I skipped the bloggers meeting
to watch the game, and of course the Red Sox lost (the mangy curs). So
I HAVE to attend this week. So goes the Karma.

Of course, artound about 8:30 I will slip quietly from
the room, scamper down the street to a neighborhood bar and cast my
hopes and dreams in with a bunch of inebriated undergraduates, for better
or worse. 

Who knows how long I will last, so raw and intense are
the emotions brought to the fore on a night like tonight? How much more
can I take? Better than even money, sometime around the 7th or 8th inning,
the Dowbnrigade will drain his last beer and stagger out into the chilly
Cambridge night, ready to let the baseball gods have their way with him
and the assembled multitudes, content to wait until the morning to find
out the answer to the question he most wants answered, at that moment,
in the whole wide world.

You either trust the Universe, or you don’t.

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Easy web-based content management – Blog!

Posted by glasscastle on 16th October 2003

From “Basic strategy for providing faculty web presence” by Dan Mitchell at DeAnza College, a new way to think of a Weblog – “A basic and easy web-based content management system” This could be very useful in explaining and pitching Blogs to a certain kind of technophile who looks down on them as sort of monopoly chat rooms.

1. A basic and easy web-based content-management system is a first priority. Most faculty members simply need to create a few web pages that can quickly and easily be updated, and possibly post some other file types for downloading. Frontier from Userland (and its Manila component) is the one I am most familiar with. Yes, it is a “blogging” tool, but it does a lot more than that, and I can vouch for the ease with which faculty can adopt this solution.

from Teachology

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Supreme Court Invalidates Pot Doc Gag Order

Posted by glasscastle on 16th October 2003

Wired News
Despite this week’s refusal by the Supreme Court to uphold
gag orders against doctors who tell their patients about the benefits of
marijuana, AIDS and cancer sufferers still have a long way to go before
they can smoke their pot in peace.
I don’t think this is a big victory for medical marijuana," said Vikram
Amar, a law professor at the University of California Hastings College
of the Law . "Unless the federal government can’t criminalize its
use or cultivation, big deal. Doctors can recommend it, but no one can
act on the recommendation."

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More Broken Windows

Posted by glasscastle on 16th October 2003

warned consumers Wednesday about four critical new flaws in its popular
Windows software as the company shifted to monthly alerts for serious
problems that could let hackers break into computers. In particularly
embarrassing disclosures,

Microsoft acknowledged problems in its technology to authenticate software
publishers over the Web and in its Windows help and support system.

The company said it did not believe hackers were yet exploiting any of
the vulnerabilities it announced.

Wired News

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