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Mexican Tonight


Art Hacker Sneaks Work INTO Tate Gallery


A renowned graffiti artist managed to slip into one of Britain’s best
known galleries and stick one of his own works on the wall.

Banksy, best known for creating the sleeve of the latest Blur album,
glued his painting to the wall of Tate Britain and it was only discovered
when it crashed to the floor hours later.

The work has now been placed in the London gallery’s lost property section.
He visited Tate Britain in prosthetic make-up to make him look elderly.

from Ananova

My Last Words on Baseball – Ever


It is my moral
duty to take full and personal responsibility for the loss
of the American League Championship Series to the Doughboys
of Doom, the New York Yankees. If you are interested, below are the reasons
for my direct responsibility, and a solemn promise that this is
the last I will write about the Red Sox – ever.

Fitfully, the Dowbrigade tossed and turned, trying unsuccessfully to
take a siesta and chill his fevered brain, which was awash
in raw emotions rooted in his dearest dreams and deepest hatreds. I was
to rest up and gather my forces, meager though they were, to keep my
fragile psyche in one piece and focus my full psychic energies on the
upcoming climatic clash between the charismatic hometown Sox and the
universally detested New York Yankees.

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