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Victoria’s Other Secret – Of Human Bondage


British Columbia – University of Victoria student curiosity about sex
with ropes and knots has led a campus club to offer a bondage class because
of concern for safety.

The "Bondage 101" workshop, not part of the university’s official
course curriculum, is scheduled Wednesday evening on campus by UVic Pride
Collective, a gay-oriented student organization funded partly through student

Some of our members came to us and said they wanted to learn about bondage
and how to do it safely," spokesman Michael Joyce said. "I think
that should be encouraged."

from AP

Slowly I Turned, Step by Step…


grew up about an hour from Niagara Falls, and it seems like every year,
at least once, on somebody’s birthday or a national
holiday, we would visit the Falls. The Falls themselves were of course
impressive, and to a kid keen on science the hydroelectric generators,
which at that time tourists could visit, were pure power personified.
The quaint Canadian town of Niagara Falls also featured obligatory stops
at the Souvenir Shop, the Niagara Soda Fountain, and the exotic Madame
Tussaud’s House of Wax.

However, my personal all-time favorite Niagara Falls stop was the Daredevil
, where they chronicled all of the weird, harebrained schemes, mostly
unsuccessful, to go over the falls in a barrel.  Many of the actual
barrels were there, along with period photos and elaborate recreations
and descriptions of the scenes. To me, it seemed eminently doable, and I
spent considerable time planning and designing my own descent.

Did you know, for example, that the first person to successfully go over
Niagara Falls in a barrel was a woman! On October 24th 1901 Annie Taylor
proved exhibitionist insanity is gender-indiscriminate. After climbing
inside her airtight wooden barrel, the air pressure was compressed
to 30 p.s.i. with a bicycle pump. She survived, thinking the ensuing fame
would guarantee fortune.  She died in poverty.

Or that on July 3rd, 1984 Karel
Soucek became the first Canadian to conquer the Falls?
Karel survived the plunge, but later that year he was killed while recreating
the drop from a platform inside the Houston Astrodome.
(Karel’s barrel hit the edge of the water tank).

Since Annie in 1901, 15 Daredevils have gone over the falls in a variety
of barrels, flotation devices, inner tubes and special suits.  10
have survived. In addition, over the years there have been dozens of suicides
and accidental falls.  But until today, no one has ever survived the
drop with just the clothes on their back.  Until today.

NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario – A man who went over Niagara Falls with only the
clothes on his back and survived will be charged with illegally performing
a stunt, park police said Tuesday.

Kirk Jones, 40, of Canton, Mich., is the first person known to have gone
over Niagara Falls without safety devices and lived. He could be fined

"He just looked calm. He just was gliding by so fast. I was in shock really
that I saw a person go by," Brenda McMullen told WIVB-TV in Buffalo.


Looting – As American as Apple Pie


This lovely little link comes courtesy of my Mum up in Maine, bless her, who doesn’t have time to read the Dowbrigade, but keeps coming up with these animated gems of social commentary.

Looting – As American as Apple Pie

Victoria’s Secrets’ Customers Exposed


YORK (AFP) – Lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret has agreed to pay a
50,000-dollar fine as part of a settlement announced over a breach of
privacy on the company’s website.

The agreement followed an investigation of the company’s privacy policies
after a published report last year indicated that the personal information
of Victoria’s Secret New York customers was available through the company
web site.

Under the settlement, Victoria’s Secret will compensate New Yorkers whose
personal information was inadvertently left accessible via the internet
and implement a series of reforms to improve website security.

No word on why New Yorker’s were singled out for exposure….

from APF

Jolly and Goldtooth Fight for Father’s Rights


men dressed as Batman and Robin have climbed on to the roof of the Royal
Courts of Justice to protest over the treatment of fathers in the family

Eddie Goldtooth and Jolly Stanesby, [I swear I am not making up these
names] members of the pressure group Fathers for Justice, scaled the side
of the court
in The Strand, London
just after
4 am.

He said they were hoping to draw attention to the group’s campaign to
ensure divorced fathers were given proper access to their children.

from Ananova

Protocols of the Elders of Baseball


In the best tradition of courageous independent journalism the Dowbrigade,
going against the advice of his closest cronies as well as his legal
department, has come into possession of information which should shake
the roots of
professional sports and race-related media bias.

As the nation unwittingly laments the unfortunate demise of the championship
aspirations of the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs, suspicions have
surfaced that the composition of the current World Series were manipulated
by a closed cabal of media magnates to the benefit of a tiny minority
of sports fans wielding power and influence far beyond their numerical

It is clearly more than mere coincidence that the last two teams standing,
the New York Yankees and the Florida Marlins, represent the top two media
markets dominated by Jewish fans and viewers in the country. The New
York area and Southern Florida are well-known as the primary concentrations
of Jewish people in the whole United States. The evidence of a conspiracy
is clear and convincing.

For starters, how many of you knew that the President of the New York
Yankees is named – Randy Levine, obviously a Jew! And on the other side
of the
equation, the President of the Florida Marlins is – David Sampson! How
much more Jewish can you get? A clear sign of collusion. What chance
does a team like the Sox, with goyim President John Henry (hard to be less Jewish without being named Mohammed), have?

Obviously, in order to manipulate America’s national pastime (watching
sports on TV) the involvement of Major Media is required. Well, guess
who is President of Fox Sports Network. A gentleman by the name of Larry
Another Jew!

But the clincher is the power of the man at the top. Yes, my innocent
readers, the eminent Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig,
is also
of the Jewish persuasion. I rest my case.

To what end is this pernicious manipulation taking place? We can
only speculate as to the political and/or economic motivations of this
insidious conspiracy, but considering the individuals involved I think
we can safely assume they are up to no good.

The Dowbrigade realizes that by making this information public he is
risking his reputation, his job, and perhaps even his physical safety.
After several
recent trumped up scandals involving other aware individuals pointing
out the undue influence of this powerful secret network, perhaps discretion
is advised in a sensitive case like this. But discretion has never been
the Dowbrigade’s strong suit, and considering the central role of the World Series
the national psyche and spiritual life, we feel that the
personal risk involved is inconsequential compared with the public’s
right to know.
Remember, you heard it here first.