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Carnival Strippers – Revised Edition


very bizarre and eerily erotic set of photos from the kind of carnival
strip shows which traveled around to smaller towns and county fairs in
the 50s and 60s, offering many men in those sedate and innocent times
only glimpse of beaver they were likely to get outside of their marital

Not to mention the first live non-maternal female flesh glimpsed by
a generation weaned on the graphic images of bare breasts on display
in the pages of National Geographics in school libraries. Ah, I can
smell the stale grease in the fried dough carts even now….


Magnum photos
via BoingBoing

Monopoly Sues to Protect Its Monopoly


makers of Monopoly are suing the man behind a satirical version called
Ghettopoly in which ‘playas’ compete to build crack houses.

"The Ghettopoly knockoff has generated a firestorm of controversy
for its highly offensive, racist content," said the lawsuit.

Ghettopoly’s game-pieces include a gun and marijuana leaf while its logo
is a caricature of a black man holding a submachine-gun and bottle of

from Ananova

NY Times Raves Over Apple Panther


is a big week for Apple . Last week the company unveiled the Windows
version of its popular, free iTunes music-downloading software – and
tomorrow, it will release Mac OS X version 10.3 ( or Panther), the next
edition of Apple’s three-year-old OS. That decimal-point increase ( to
10.3) doesn’t give the upgrade’s 150 new features enough credit. Wherever
you stand in the Macs
vs. Windows debate, in Panther, Apple has taken an
already sparkling, super-stable operating system and made it faster, better
equipped and more secure.

from the New York
Times Technology

Feds Close Road to Protect Snakes and Lizards


And they mean the natural snakes and lizards, not the human political kind…. Why did the snake cross the road? On one U.S. Forest Service Lane, it had the whole thing to itself.Federal officials say Road No. 345 is the only government-owned road that closes to vehicle traffic — twice a year, during migration season — in order to protect reptiles and amphibians. As one endangered water snake made its way across the road, slowly slithering to its winter den from the swamp where it spent the summer, state herpetologist Scott Ballard extolled the program’s benefits.

The U.S. Forest Service first started closing 345, otherwise known as LaRue Road, for a few weeks in the spring and fall nearly 30 years ago. It’s been closed since Sept. 1 this year, and is scheduled to reopen on Halloween.

from the Boston Globe

Salem Field Trip


Thursday, Oct. 30th, my BU Business class will visit Salem, MA, for a full day of museums
and one of the more bizarre exhibitions of American culture. Besides being a historic New England fishing village,
colonial shipbuilding and whaling port, and an important literary landmark
(see The
House of the Saven Gables
), Salem has become the epicenter of Halloween
celebration and witchery in this whole part of the United States.

In Salem they will see some real witches (although mostly they come out
after dark), as well a tons of school children and families out on a lark,
and tons of freaks, weirdos
and Goth wannabes. Costumes are optional, and there are plenty of places to
get them there. Some of my students always do.

While we are there I want my Business students to notice and be prepared
to list and discuss the ways in which the city of Salem is taking advantage
of the American celebration of Halloween for fame and fortune.

Here is a link to my
Halloween Page
, which in turn has links to lots
of Salem sites as well as more general interest Halloween sites.