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Berkman Group Gropes


has been digesting the
from last nights Thursday
Night’s Blogger
Group, which is groping to find a future apart from
its role as backup singers to the inestimable Dave
Circus and Roiling Rock Extravaganza.

It’s a talented group of misfits who somehow seem to fit together, at least
on Thursday nights: Andrew the
dour and brilliant MIT coder, the demure but lethally incisive Redhead,
whose light touch on the keyboard kicks our collective asses nightly on
the rating board, Jammaster
, the super-librarian
who doesn’t care for books and keeps us all tenuously tied to the Berkman
mothership, The Kid, whose whose
voracious brain seems to be consuming great swaths of the intellectual
landscape at a bite, and your humble

Cameos from Lydon, Sooz, Seth the gloomy gnome, Halley, always up for an
acerbic comment, the God Squad, and a revolving roster of itinerant geniuses,
crackpots, malcontents and miscreants.

There seemed to be a consensus that the group up to this point was filling
three roles: 1) proselytizing blogging within the Harvard-MIT community,
and easing people into the blogoshpere with training and support 2) Encouraging,
leading and providing a forum for discussion and research into all aspects
of the blogging phenomena, including what they are, how they are influencing
and being influenced by society, and where they are going, and 3) Offering
support in the implementation of the the Manila blogging tool at Berkman.

As was astutely pointed out at the meeting, there are probably only 10
people in the world really qualified to carry out #3, and Dave is the only
one of them within a few thousand miles of here (although rumor has it
he fled the left coast to escape incessant questions on this very topic),
so in this role he is irreplaceable.

But in the first two roles there may be some room to grow and serve the
community. There are some interesting projects in planning, and the blogging
phenomena continues to explode all around us. Like any ad hoc group the
Thursday Night Bloggers’ effectiveness and staying power will be determined
by the demands and opportunities presented in the course of events, and
the mettle of the individuals involved.

are the meeting notes
(gracias j)

Halloween Countdown


the Halloween aficianados, here is a delightful little diversion/perversion.
Some of the items on this "Halloween Countdown" score a 6 or 7 on the
Dowbrigade’s Personal Grossout Scale, which means that while not suitable
for small children or users of major anti-psychotic medications, they
do not violate existing statutes and decency standards in more than
a handful of states.

from Julianna Parr, via New
York Times

Gallery Workers Hallucinating on the Job


at the Tate Modern museum in London say the Weather Project installation
is making them feel like they are on drugs.

The chemical haze created for Olafur Eliasson’s display in the museum’s
Turbine Hall has been slowly creeping into the galleries.

And staff who spend eight to 12 hours in the "hallucinogenic" atmosphere
say they feel disorientated, says The Guardian. The work gives the impression
of bringing an atmospheric smog-covered sun inside the museum. Tate Modern
director Vicente Todoli
admitted it had a "curious hallucinogenic

Dowbrigade has been looking for a career change, and loves art. This may be there break we’ve been looking for. We’ve always been known for out ability to deal with even the most disconcerting hallucinations….