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MIT Music Scheme Crashes


As noted here
, MIT attempted to solve the on-campus music-on-demand conundrum
by going analog, thereby bypassing the Digital Millenium Copyright Act
– Not so fast, gearheads!.

It was hailed as ingenious: a way to listen to music on demand while
avoiding the legal battleground of file sharing. Best of all, the music
was fully licensed, so there would be no legal trouble.

But it was not, and there is. On Friday, the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology announced that it would temporarily shut down its groundbreaking
Library Access to Music System until the licensing rights can be worked

To Jonathan Zittrain, who teaches Internet law at Harvard and is a director
of the university’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, that incident
shows that the world of copyright has grown so arcane that even the major
players do not even understand it. "It doesn’t seem that M.I.T.
was trying to steal anything, but rather to simply hew to the letter
of the law in an incredibly byzantine area," he said. "Good
faith and technical genius alone doesn’t make it work."

the New York Times

Bad Week for University Presidents


Richard L. McCormick speaks during a news conference as his wife, Suzanne
Lebsock, looks on Sunday in New Brunswick, N.J.
Smart move, all things
considered. No offense, no blame.

the New York times

Rutgers University President Richard L. McCormick
admitted Sunday he had an affair with a woman in the University of Washington’s
administration while he was president there and that the rumored romance
was one of several factors for his departure.

"Today I want to express publicly my deep shame and
regret at the grave personal mistake I made while serving as president
of the University of Washington," Dr. McCormick told a news conference
at the main Rutgers campus in New Brunswick. "I regret the embarrassment
these actions may bring upon the community of Rutgers and the University
of Washington."

Dr. McCormick said only that the woman was not a student
and had received no "benefits" from the relationship.

The BU Community thanks Dr. McCormick

Arnold Campaign Porn Flick in Works


story of the race to become the governor of California is being turned
into a porn movie.

One of the candidates in the race, adult actress Mary Carey, is poised
to begin shooting a sexy behind-the-scenes view of the campaign.

The movie will co-star fellow hopefuls Ernie Gropenegger and the state’s
lieutenant governor Spooge Cruztamante, reports Sky News.

"It’s kind of like satirical," said Mark Kulkis, president
of Kickass Pictures which is producing the film."Our attorney told us to use different names from those of the real
candidates, but I guess it’s pretty obvious.

from Ananova

Kinky Sex in the Cemetery


Thirteen Italian youths who celebrated Halloween
by having sex in a cemetery have been arrested. Police say the friends,
aged 13 to 20, went to a graveyard in Vasto, Italy, to experience "having
sex between the graves."

The eight boys and five girls arrived at the cemetery in the seaside resort
in two separate groups and were detained at the stroke of midnight.

from Ananova