ComputerUser Magazine Article on RSS


ComputerUsed magazine has an extensive article on RSS and blogging notable more for its mere existence than for insight or new information. At least the word is getting around, although Aggregation needs to be experienced to be appreciated…

“One of the reasons RSS is catching on is the rise of blogs. As they proliferate, and do they ever, it becomes more difficult to find, visit, and keep up with the stream of monological consciousness; that’s about the most generous way I can describe blogs. What RSS brings to the stream (more like a tsunami) is the ability to sign on only with blogs that interest you, and then sort through the updated entries. Many people now using RSS got into it through blogs that offer it.

(This explains, in part, my ignorance of RSS, since I’ve haven’t gotten on board with the idea of wading through the personalized maunderings of amateur commentators when I have enough trouble keeping up with the edited and published thoughts of professional writers and journalists. Ah, well; I may yet learn and RSS may help.)”

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