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Arnold Investigates Self


spokesman for California governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger says
the film-star-turned-politician will name a private investigator
look into allegations of his sexual misconduct.

The decision appears to have come after the state’s attorney general
Bill Lockyer told Mr. Schwarzenegger that the allegations would not
go away, and that he must act to protect his reputation and that of
his new administration.

During the campaign, Mr. Schwarzenegger admitted that he "behaved
badly sometimes" and made a general apology. He also promised to
fully address the accusations after the election.

(photo from Oui via Jon’s Mind)
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from the Voice of America

Charles Snarles


It took me a while to track down the sordid details of the latest
Prince Charles scandal.  But how can you not? Is it not a universal
truth that when someone announces "I have a secret but I’m not telling
what it is" that they WANT you to try to find out? I mean, I took Psychology
101 once upon a time.  Rather naiive, as well, of the British courts to think they could keep the details unknown in the Age of the Internet. Anyway, in the name of Glasnost and the New Jornalism, here’s the dirt…

Several newspapers the world over yesterday published allegations that
the British press is barred from reporting: that Prince Charles was once
involved in a homosexual encounter with an aide.

The purported sexual contact, according to the reports, took place between
the Prince and one of his closest advisers, Mr Michael Fawcett.

The allegations arose from a tape that was found in a mahogany box owned
by the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

On that tape, Mr George Smith, a former royal servant who had suffered
from alcoholism and post-traumatic stress syndrome after fighting in
the Falklands War, said he had been raped by another male royal aide.

He also claimed to have witnessed a compromising sexual encounter involving
a member of the royal family.

In Italy, Corriere della Sera became the first newspaper in Europe to
publish the story. Its report yesterday said that ‘the most lurid accusation
against the British royal household came dramatically into the open yesterday’.
It gave details of the allegations. 

A semi-pornographic Italian
website has also set out the central allegations. Other websites carried
of the claims in Flemish and Portuguese.

Any Italeophones capable of posting a translation?

from the Straightstimes

Performance Anxiety


An exhausted tourist, left, waits for his girlfriend next to a
mannequin in Paris’ most famous department store, Les Galeries Lafayette,
Nov.7, 2003. On Saturday, hundreds of women will flock the venerable
store for free striptease lessons from two professional pole dancers.
According to the store, the Galerie’s new lingerie department is the
biggest of the world, with 2,800 square meters of brassieres, knickers,
bikinis and thongs.

from AP

Burning Kid Stops, Drops and Rolls


It took Donald Awalt six months to put his GI Joe Halloweeen costume together,
ordering the components on the internet, and sewing and assembing them
piece by piece.  It only took a few seconds for the whole thing to
go up in flames.

On Oct. 30, minutes after Awalt proudly displayed his creation at the
high school’s annual Spook Day assembly, a classmate set the costume
on fire and Awalt fought for his life.

"I stood up, and kids are screaming on the bleachers, and I ran
down the bleachers and stopped, dropped, and rolled," Awalt said
last night in his first interview since the incident. By telephone from
and Women’s Hospital, where Awalt is being treated for third-degree burns,
he said he was at a loss to explain why a classmate tried not once but
three times to ignite his costume with a cigarette lighter.

the Boston Globe

Globe Columnist Rues Barstool Interview


Journalism is a risky business these days, with much of the media
reporting on iteself in a serpentine circle jerk of objectivity, accountability
and maoistic self-criticsm. What’s a columnist to do when a seemingly
reliable source turns out to be a high-school teacher arrested a week
earlier for posting nude pictures of himself on the internet?

Well, Joan, I guess that’s what you get when you try to do your
research from a bar stool at Cheers. In her Nov. 6th column Joan Vennochi
quoted extensively
a "smart, articulate, and knowledgeable" 22-year-old guy named Michael

"I think Dean is a better matchup against Bush. He will fight
harder," Everett says.

As a little boy growing up in the South, Everett owned Confederate flags. "It’s
part of Southern heritage," he says. As a young adult living and
working in the Northeast, he says he understands why the symbol of the
Confederacy and slavery is viewed as abhorrent and divisive. But he also
knows bigots don’t always signal their intent with decals – and you can
find them in Massachusetts as well as in Louisiana, in Saabs and BMWs
as well as in Ford pickups. He didn’t find Dean’s remark racist, just

"Democrats need Southern white votes, " he says, explaining the difficulty
of winning the presidency without winning the South as ably as any seasoned
political operative.

As Joan belatedly discovered, Everett was more newsworthy than she
suspected. Check out today’s

According to the Brockton Police Department, Charles M. Everett, who
uses the first name Michael, was arrested on Oct. 23. According to David
Farrell, communications director for Brockton’s Mayor John Yunits, Everett
allegedly posted nude pictures of himself on the Internet. Farrell said
Everett was fired from his teaching position at Brockton High School.
He is scheduled to appear in Brockton District Court on Dec. 10 for a
pretrial conference. At his arraignment, he was released on personal
recognizance, with the condition that he stay away and have no contact
with students, faculty or the facilities of the Brockton School Department.

How much heat will Joan take on this one? Hard to tell.  It certainly
isn’t a deliberate pattern of deception a la Jason Blair. However, in
these tense and paranoid times any deviation from the Major Media journalistic
code of ethics may be considered a capital offense. She certianly
did the right thing in going immediately in print with a cute explanation.
Only time will tell how seriously the Boston Globe treats this gaffe.

today’s Globe column