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World’s Biggest Camel Fair Attracts Tourists Like Flies


of thousands of tourists are attending the world’s biggest camel fair,
on the border between India and Pakistan.

"We expect 20,000 international tourists to attend this fair," he
said, putting at 500,000 the number of Indians expected at Pushkar. Temple
dancers and snake charmers also flock to the fair to entertain the tourists.


Illegal Immigrant Workers Sue Wal-Mart


Nine illegal immigrants who worked as janitors at Wal-Mart until they were arrested during federal raids last month have sued the company, accusing it of discrimination.

The nine say they were paid lower wages and offered fewer benefit because they are Mexicans, and they accuse Wal-Mart and its cleaning contractors of failing to pay for overtime, withhold taxes or make required workers’ compensation contributions.

The plaintiffs, who now face deportation, were among 250 people arrested in an Oct. 23 federal immigration crackdown at 60 Wal-Mart stores in 21 states. Theirs is the first lawsuit among the immigrants arrested.

from Yahoo News

Tiny Women Liberation Front


strange but oddly appealing site of Japanese soft-core animation of incredible
shrinking women.  Dowbrigade’s personal fascination with this site
may stem from the fact that the Sra. Dowbrigade has been shrinking and
now weighs less than half of her better half (93 vs. 193).

"Konnichiwa! My name is Toyogub .I like tiny woman. Meaning of tiny
woman isn’t children, doll and fairy. I like normal size woman shrinks
to doll
size suddenly. Tiny woman is called "KOONAGO" in JAPAN."

Koonago Factory via BoingBoing

Marijuana Can Cause Sexual Confusion


A convicted marijuana grower has told prison authorities he is a man
– after spending more than eight months locked up with women. An inquiry
has been launched after Billie Jo Hawks told wardens at Kentucky’s Correctional
Institution for Women that a mistake had been made.

For more than eight months, Hawks, 43, had been held in the women’s section
of a detention center after having been convicted of growing and trafficking
marijuana. All inmates are subject to a thorough strip search as part of
the admission process to any state prison to ensure no contraband is brought
into prison, Lamb said.

As for how Hawks’ organ went unnoticed earlier, Lamb said, "All we
can say for now is that clearly procedures were not followed in the admission
of this inmate."

Lexington, Ky Courier-Journal