Prince Charles Exposed – The Scandal in Detail


indefatigable pursuit of the truth, I have decided, as usual to let someone
else do the hard work.  I mean, who has time? Some of us have to
earn a living, after all. That doesn’t mean we are abdicating our
right to know all of the juicy details about the scandals of out times!
Anyway, here is a guy in California who has painstakingly assembled all
of of the details of this sordid affair, complete with URLs for those
of you into tracking down original source material. Here is how he did

I assembled information
from about 20 different sources into one central location,
point by point.
was all out
in one
easier to see how everything links together. Whereas, each of these items
were probably just the content of one news story. If you want a really
good synopsis of what’s going on with this gay scandal sheet, this is
the place. Even I was shocked by what I kept uncovering. Apparently,
there’s a LOT of gay activity "going down" in the Royal household.
Much of this information was from the BBC News.

here is the complete rundown from Griffen Lee

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