BU Community Mortified, Angry

It’s about time, after years of abuse, mistreatment and embarassment,
that BU faculty, students and alumni found the spine to stand up to
an incompetent administration. Many of the Dowbrigade’s colleagues
are finally up in arms about the succcesive debacles
which have
made us the
of American
higher education.
Of course the last group of BU professors who stood up to be counted
were quickly counted among the unemployed..

A group of professors have
launched a website called ”BUWatch” to pressure the
for reform.
And one informal group of alumni is even mulling a class-action
suit against the trustees for devaluing their degrees.

”If this is not the time to stand up, when is?” asked Carol Neidle,
a professor of French and linguistics.

”It’s a much broader, more systemic problem than Goldin,” said Jon
Spampinato, communications director for the Visiting Nurses Associations
of America, who has been talking with a group of friends about the
possible suit.

Interim president Aram V. Chobanian said such campaigns are divisive,
backward-looking, and distinctly in the minority.

from the Boston Globe

BU Watch website

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