Blogosphere Explosion Continues


I thought Technorati was acting a bit pokey.
  It says Dowbrigade hasn’t been updated in 5 days 16 hours and 45
minutes. I was beginning to wonder if my memories of the past five days
were some sort of elaborate halucination or fever dream. Fortunately,
Dave Sifry explains, and continues with some fascinating statistics on
the growth of the Sphere:

These past weeks have been a pretty busy one for me and the growing Technorati team. Before I get too far in this post, I’ve got a mea culpa – Technorati hasn’t been very responsive lately. Fact is, we’ve been getting a lot
of attention and new searches, and the blogosphere seems to be growing
at a pretty steep rate as well. This double whammy has caused our current
infrastructure to buckle, and has caused some service outages.

Right now, we’re adding 8,000-9,000 new weblogs every
day, not counting the
we already
That means that on average, a brand new weblog is created every 11
seconds. We’re also seeing about 100,000 weblogs update every day as
well, which
means that on average, a weblog is updated every 0.86 seconds.


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