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The Party Party – Wacky Season Begins

Posted by glasscastle on 19th November 2003

Standing at just 5 feet tall, Mario would be the shortest U.S. president ever,
4 inches shorter than James Madison. He would be only the second bachelor
president, after James Buchanan (Princess Peach has offered to take on
the duties of the first lady).

Sources close to the campaign said that Mario was considering following in the
footsteps of John F. Kennedy by making his brother, Luigi, an integral part of
his administration, possibly even his running mate. The rest of Mario’s top advisers
embody diversity itself with the inclusion of Toad (a 29-inch diplomat from the
Mushroom Kingdom), Yoshi(TM) (a long-tongued dinosaur) and Donkey Kong(R) (a
stubborn ape). The political quintet has been dubbed the "Mario Party 5."

scholars wondered whether Mario could overcome the constitutional hurdles facing
his candidacy. For starters, they noted, Mario was not born in the
United States, and is short of the constitutionally mandated 35 years.

"With the many actors getting into politics recently, I thought, ‘Hey, I’m
more entertaining than many of them’, not to mention, I’m a lot more animated," Mario
says. "Anyone who gets involved with the Mario Party knows that it’s all
about nonstop action and fun."

Business Wire

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Gopher Trees Smell Like Skunk Says Potts

Posted by glasscastle on 19th November 2003

US university is covering its Christmas trees with the pungent scent
that skunks spray – to discourage thieves.

The University of Minnesota is going to spray between 400-500 pine trees
with two gallons of the natural ingredient.

Within hours of spraying, the cold weather masks the skunk odor, but if
thieves took a tree inside, it would warm up and begin to stink, reports
the Minnesota Daily.
Grounds superintendent Les Potts said: "We are doing this to avoid
a repeat of last year when thieves took seven small trees and hacked the
tops off larger trees, leaving them deformed and awkward-looking.

"We’ll probably still lose some trees, but I have some satisfaction in knowing
that it’s not going to work out the way the thief
thinks it will," Mr
Potts said.

fromthe Minnesota Daily

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