BU Halfway House – Best Deal in Town


Want to stay in the
heart of historic Boston, in a $300 a night room in a brand new four-star
hotel for just $24 bucks a night? Forget about Priceline and Hotels.com.
No way will you find a deal like this on Roomsaver or Expedia. The only
place to go is to that wonderland of creative budgeting – Boston University.

For years the Dowbrigade has had to put up with poor students complaining
that the water in the swimming pool at the Cambridge Hyatt was too cold,
or that the Playboy channel was not amoung the 186 choices at the Holiday
Inn in toney Brookline. This year the spendthrift administration ($3
million to get Dan Goldin to go away) has
outdone itself yet again, renting out an entire floor of the brand new
Commonwelath Hotel overlooking iconic Fenway Park in Kenmore Square for
overflow housing.

The hotel web site desctibes it thusly:

Commonwealth Avenue. One of the world’s most celebrated grand boulevards,
with a life of elegance, splendor and tradition. This is the experience
that awaits you at Hotel Commonwealth – a newly created independent hotel
that combines the style, service and comfort of a bygone era, with the
amenities and features of the new millennium. The historic mansions,
the stylish shops of Boston’s Back Bay, the world famous universities
and medical institutions – they are the essence of Life on Comm Ave.
And Hotel Commonwealth is ideally located at the center of it all. Discover
Life on Comm Ave. Welcome to Hotel Commonwealth.

Overflow undergraduates paying the standard $5930 dormitory fees (for
250 nights works out to $23.80 a night) are placed indefinitely in $300
per night rooms. The resident advisor gets a suite.  In theory eventually
dormitory attrition via drop-outs, falling-outs, and off-campus moves will
free up enough rooms to move them back onto campus. Meanwhile, careul with
that mini-bar, Princess.

”At first it sounded too good to be true,” says August, sitting in
his second-floor room overlooking Fenway Park. ”There had to be some
sort of drawback. I was half expecting to find I’d looked up the wrong

In fact, as August soon discovered, he was one of 93 BU students — all
but six of them freshmen — who’d been assigned to two floors of the
posh hotel, which opened last year a few blocks from the BU campus. Rooms
usually go for $200 to $300 a night, with commensurate amenities. The
location could hardly be more ideal, since the Kenmore MBTA stop practically
empties into the hotel lobby.

from the Boston Globe

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