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Tony Blair Jumps the Shark – Lands on Simpsons


Tonights episode of the Simpsons sees the family coming
to London for a holiday and being met by Mr Blair at Heathrow airport who
invites them back to No 10 for tea. Tony Blair has provided his voice for
the episode, entitled "The Regina Monologues" in which
America’s favourite cartoon family visit England.

After gaining tips on where to visit in London from the Prime Minister,
Homer causes chaos by tipping tea from his Union Jack tea cup over the
carpet. Homer also ends up in trouble with the Royal family after he crashes
a Mini Cooper into the back of the Queen’s horse-drawn carriage and is
up in the Tower.

from Ananova

Quote of the Day


The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.

Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)

EdBlogger in SF Winding Up


This sounds like an extremely cool conference which we are sorry we
missed. It brought together educators at all levels and from all over
the US an Canada who are using blogs in some form in their work. This is
right down the Dowbrigade’s alley, and we are currently amazed at the popularity
and functionality of our own teaching blog, Monkeybrain.

Of course, like any Blog-related conference worth mentioning, this one
has an official
.  The main
has links to many of the atendees
and presenters who blogged the proceedings, including one of my favorite
edBloggers, Will over at

Michael Jackson – Another Big Lie?


Think what you will about Michael Jackson, the poor man has certianly moonwalked into a shitstorm of premature assumptions and assumed guilt. In addition to being the butt of vicious and malicious jokes. In this department the Dowbrigade is among the sinners, although not without second thoughts. The life of anyone that weird and that famous must be a living hell at times, like now.

Adam Curry has some interesting thoughts on fame, and the major media’s irresistable attraction to an easy target.

Adware, Spyware and Snoopware


FREE! Is there any sweeter word? Its promise of something for nothing, and its
underlying connotation of liberation, put a spring in the step and make
the world seem a
better place.

But lately, free isn’t what it used to be, especially on the Internet, whose
very history and technology are based on the notion that information and pretty
much everything else online want to be free. Web giveaways increasingly come
at a steep price, in the form of computer glitches, frustration and loss of privacy
and security – not to mention the threat of expensive lawsuits for large-scale
music downloaders.

the New York Times

Social Networking Attracting Big Bucks


We have been hearing more and more about social networking sites,
where you can connect with long lost classmates, find your soulmate,
or jumpstart a B2B network. As a confirmed misanthrope, the Dowbrigade
has no desire to know even more people; as a matter of fact, we wish
we had never met a good number of the ones we DO know. Obviously in this,
as in so many other areas, we are in a distinct minority…..

The venture community’s latest contradiction: while some of its sharpest
players scoff at the long-term prospects of startups in the social networking
business, others are throwing millions of dollars in funding at them.

Guess we’ll have to start thinking of these social networking things
as more than jazzified dating services. Something is happening here but
you don’t
know what
it is, do you Mr. Jones…

The various flavors of social networking are based on the simple premise
that a friend (or a friend of a friend) could help you find your next
sale, job, or date. With Friendster, for example, users create lists
of friends, allowing them to contact friends of these friends, up to
four degrees of separation. On LinkedIn, users who want to contact
a friend of a friend must be approved by a mutual friend. This creates
a filter, and prevents popular people from being bombarded with contact

from Red
(thanks to Mike

Queen Dropkicks 4-year-old Refugee


Elizabeth, 77-year-old soverign of the British Empire, was caught by
a photographer deliviering a swift kick to the chops of 4-year old Serbian
refugee Ibin Kryzgrephorianxzy at a Soho half-way house. "Go on back
to that blighted Balkan cesspool and leave us bloody alone," she was
heard to hiss. No word on why the Queen was wearing bright red clown
shoes at the time.

from Ananova