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Love is the Drug


could be as addictive as cocaine or speed, scientists have said.

According to Dr John Marsden, head of the National Addiction Centre at
the Maudsley Hospital in London, when you are attracted to someone your
brain releases the drug dopamine, giving the same reaction that taking
cocaine or speed would create.

Attraction and lust really is like a drug. It leaves you just wanting more," he
said.However like the drugs – the first flush of love is temporary.

"Scientific research reveals the first flush of love lasts only between
three and seven years," he added.

The Dowbrigade checks his watch……from Ananova

For Tomorrow’s Class


Complete the following phrases…

As quick as

As strong as

As wise as

As weak as

As slippery as

As wily as

As dirty as

As quiet as

As fast as

As cold as

an eel

an owl

a pig

a fox

a fish

a kitten

a mouse

a bunny

a greyhound

an ox

This Year’s Christmas Cod


Ever since the Dowbrigade moved to Bahstun, our friends have been
chastising us for not sending out Christmas Cods. For the longest time
we had no idea
what they were talking about, but we finally figured it out.  This
year, everyone on the list gets one of these beauties. Packed in dry ice.

Unreal Conditional


“If I were the president, I could stop terrorist attacks against the United States in a few days. Permanently. I would first apologize to all the widows and orphans, the tortured and impoverished, and all the many millions of other victims of American imperialism. Then I would announce, in all sincerity, to every corner of the world, that America’s global interventions have come to an end, and inform Israel that it is no longer the 51st state of the USA but now — oddly enough — a foreign country. I would then reduce the military budget by at least 90% and use the savings to pay reparations to the victims. There would be more than enough money. One year’s military budget of 330 billion dollars is equal to more than $18,000 an hour for every hour since Jesus Christ was born. That’s what I’d do on my first three days in the White House. On the fourth day, I’d be assassinated.”

Pick a Peck of Pickeled Peppers at Wal-Mart


Fast Company, a fascinating analysis of the business practices of America’s
largest retailer. We know who they hire to clean their stores in the
dead of night. Now learn how slick they can be in dealing with suppliers
and manufacturers in the light of day. In the key example from the article,
a "year’s supply of Vlastic pickles" for $2.97 is used as an allegory
for Wal-Mart’s mindset and marketing power.

from Fast Company

The giant retailer’s low prices often come with a high cost. Wal-Mart’s
relentless pressure can crush the companies it does business with and
force them to send jobs overseas. Are we shopping our way straight to
the unemployment line?