Snowflake Dies


Nov 24 (Reuters) – Spain on Monday bade farewell to the world’s only
known albino gorilla, Snowflake, a national favourite who died after
a long struggle with skin cancer.The main attraction at Barcelona zoo
since he was brought there 37 years ago from Equatorial Guinea, Snowflake’s
fight with cancer made front-page
news in Spain and brought thousands of well-wishers of all ages to see

Jordi Portabella, the zoo’s director, told a news conference that Snowflake
died early on Monday after veterinarians decided to have the animal put
down to avoid further pain. His skin cancer was first discovered in 2001.
Queues stretched for hours outside Snowflake’s enclosure in the months
his death. But the 140 kg (310 lb) giant, pumped full of painkillers
and anti-depressants to ease his suffering, often preferred to turn his
back on onlookers.

from Reuters

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