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This Year’s “Gotta Have It” Toy Winner


customs officials have seized 400 Osama bin Laden dolls and 50 Saddam
Hussein dolls saying they constitute incitement. The singing and dancing
dolls, which carry toy guns, were discovered during a routine check of
cargo at he port of Haifa, in northern Israel.

They were bought by an Arab Israeli as a “gimmick” to go on sale in Israel.
The ship that carried the toys from China also contained 450 Teletubby
dolls, which agents are examining to see if they are counterfeit. There
has been some support for Osama bin Laden among Palestinians but no mass
displays of affection for the accused terror mastermind. Meanwhile, most
Israelis despise Saddam Hussein as an enemy who fired missiles at the
Jewish state during the 1991 Gulf War.

from ITV

Science Catchs Woody Allen After 30 Years


there’s anything more American the celebrity sex stories, we don’t know
what it is. Sometimes it gets hard to tell if life is imitating art, or
visa versa. It took 30 years, but science has finally caught up with Woody
Allen, who in the 1973 hit "Sleeper" invented the "Orgasmatron".
Well, whatever the human mind can imagine, some sick scientist is sure
to invent. Amazing to me it took 30 years….

Scientists are struggling to find women willing to try out a device dubbed
the “orgasmatron”. The electronic implant is said to cause instant sexual
arousal at the flick of a switch. American researchers are investigating
its potential for helping women who find it impossible to achieve orgasm.
New Scientist magazine reports volunteers for the study are in short supply.
Dr Stuart Meloy, the surgeon who patented the treatment, said: “I thought
people would be beating my door down to become part of the trial, but
so far I am struggling to find people.”

We suspect this may have something to do with the fact that the experiment
involves inserting a series of wires from an external device into the
subject’s spinal cord…


She’s Not Heavy, She’s a Lawyer


reported by the Dowbrigade back
in September,
Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova was unceremoneously
dumped for getting "too big." Anastasia claimed that the real
reason behind her dismissal were political and personal. Appearantly,
a Moscow court agreed with her….

A Russian prima ballerina sacked by Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre for being
too heavy must be given her job back, a court has ruled.

To Grandmother’s House We Go


up the old Toyoto to join 36 million of my countrymen in the closest
thing our culture has to the Haj – the Pilgramage to Give Thanks.

The Dowbrigade’s Mom lives up in Maine, or rather, Down East in Maine,
a quick 5 and a half hour drive – beautiful, really, through glade and
dale and along some storied stretches of New England coastline.  Too
far for a weekend, but perfect for Thanksgiving.

In addition to giving Thanks to Mom, just for, well, being Mom, we are
bearing cyber gifts in the form of OSX Panther and the 512 MB of extra
RAM Mom’s gonna need to run it on her G4 Titanium Powerbook. No cyber-slouch,

And on Friday we’re looking forward to having a word with the slack-jawed
(we imagine) twerpy clerk in the local Maine Stationary Center, which
doubles in typical Maine fashion as the local Mac sales and service center,
who tried to sell her a copy of Panther "especially for your machine"
for $245! Direct-from Apple cost = $129.  MacConnection has it on
their front page for $108. The copy we picked up for her today, albeit
with educational discount, was only $69.
not to
old biddies
like Mom…..

Using the Old Noodle



builds ‘world’s biggest noodle Xmas tree’

A Thai hotel has built what it claims is the biggest Christmas tree ever
made entirely out of noodles.

tree, made for a charity celebration, was decorated with coloured sugar
and stands 16ft 6ins tall.

Ten chefs worked for 300 hours to complete the tree, which is on display
at a hotel in Bangkok.