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Cutting Down the Family Tree

Posted by glasscastle on 28th November 2003

so soon after the tragic death of Snowflake, the world’s only albino gorilla,
this news story out of the AP really puts a chill into animal lovers hearts.
There are only five species of great apes in the world; gorillas, chimpanzees,
bonobos, orangutans – and us! Ok, so maybe technically we aren’t Apes,
but we’re awful close, like 96% genetically.

Human poaching, smuggling,
deforestation and regional wars are close to insuring that soon there
will only be one kind of Great Ape left on the planet – the aforementioned
us. We will all be immeasurably poorer should that happen…

"If we can’t save these species which are so close to us … do
we have very much hope with some of the other particularly threatened
species and ecosystems?” Hepworth said.

Today, there are believed to be about 400,000 great apes in Africa and
Asia, compared to many million in the 19th century, the U.N. says. Each
of the species is at “high risk” of extinction, some soon, others within
50 years, organizers said.

“The writing is very much on the wall: We have within the next 15 to
20 years to halt that decline,” said Ian Redmond, head of the technical
support team for the U.N.’s Great Apes Survival Project.


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Chilly Chile Protest Violence Against Women

Posted by glasscastle on 28th November 2003

have paraded through Santiago wearing only body paint in a protest against
domestic violence.

About 20 women began the demonstration at Plaza de Armas square in the
Chilean capital to commemorate No Violence Against Women Day.

Passer-by Alex Bustamante told Las Ultimas Noticias online: “It is a good
way to attract attention. It starts off with nudity but then you become
aware of the reality of abused women.” Protester Amanda Valdes said: “We
were afraid of people’s reactions, but they were all very respectful.
They heard our message and we are happy.”

from Ananova

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Eat Your Vegetables, and Be Thankful

Posted by glasscastle on 28th November 2003

Thanksgiving with Mom is a great way to feel young again – like 12, and constantly castigated for NOT EATING YOUR VEGETABLES. One of the very rare downsides to having a master-chef for a mother is that she insists on coming up with arty alternatives to the traditional Thanksgiving spread.

For example, this year, as usual, the Dowbrigade was looking forward to an all-American feed heavy on the stale-bread stuffing, mashed potatos and a big garden salad. What Mom perversely prepared was a medly of elgant side dishes including “Holiday Sweet Potatos” (potatos aren’t SUPPOSED to be sweet, in our book), creamed onions (Yucky), a strange stuffing featuring chestnuts, sausage and kumquat, huge Brussel sprouts the size of golf balls, and peas. To drink – grapefruit juice cocktail and Cranberry juice champaign.

We subsisted on a big slab of bird (excellent) and a smattering of crudit

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