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But Will They Blog?


A remote tribe in the
Brazilian jungle are now online after a charity gave them five battery-powered
computers. The Guarani tribe who live deep in the Atlantic jungle, near Angra dos
Reis, have even come up with their own word for the internet.

The word they created, in their Tupi language, translates as "where
you can put words, documents and knowledge".

The natives learnt how to use the computers in a week long course run by
the charity which gave them the computers.Volunteer Lucas Benite told Jornal
Hoje: "Through the internet they
can connect with other tribes and learn about the world. That is very important
to them."

Tribe chief Veramirim, 92, commented: "I have always told my people
to learn how to write but I also want to see them value our culture."

The Dowbrigade, based on his extensive knowledge of the Guarani, hopes
these computers come equiped with DVD players and an extensive library
of Arnold Schwartznegger movies, if they want to hold the attention of
these jungle madmen. Have they planned what to do when the batteries
wear down?

from Ananova

League of Liberals Blog Count Scandal


From a Blogging galaxy far away, a hit-inflation scandal is brewing.  Seems
a bunch of bloggers who are part of the "League of Liberals" have each
put up site-counters for the others blogs, with the net result that anyone
who hits any one of the blogs gets counted as having visited all of them.
Some of the site-counters were hidden from visitor view, including a
counter fro the #1 blog on the League homepage itself.

Naturamente, the Liberal League honchos were horrified.  Serves
them right for adopting such a wimpy name.

Effective immediately, six weblogs are being put on notice that they
are about to be suspended from the Ecosystem. If suspended, their entries
will not be displayed on any Ecosystem pages (either by traffic ranking
or by links); their links will not count to other weblogs, and their
votes will not count in the New Weblog Showcase. The reason for these
suspensions is that it has come to my attention via the Commissar that
some weblogs are posting multiple SiteMeter counters
on their pages which point to otherweblogs. The result is that when a
visitor lands on their main page, the visit is not just counted for their
own blog, but is also double-, triple-, or in some cases quadruple-counted
as a visit to the other blogs.

Here’s the listing of the top-ranked weblogs in the League of Liberals

Rush Limbaughtomy (381 links) – 2311 visits/day V
Treason Online (76 links) – 2170 visits/day V
Savage Cruel Bigots (61 links) – 2170 visits/day V
The Mahablog (253 links) – 2170 visits/day
Hell on Halliburton (86 links) – 1645 visits/day V
League of Liberals (116 links) – 1486 visits/day V

And here’s the list of weblogs with multiple SiteMeter counters:

Treason Online: Counters for Hell on Halliburton, Treason Online, and
MahaBlog. Update: And a hidden one for Rush Limbaughtomy.

Savage Cruel Bigots: Counters for Savage Cruel Bigots, Hell on Halliburton,
and Treason Online. Update: And a hidden one for Rush Limbaughtomy.

Rush Limbaughtomy: Counters for Hell on Halliburton, Treason Online,
Savage Cruel Bigots, The League of Liberals, and Rush Limbaughtomy

The Mahablog: Counters for Mahablog, The League of Liberals, and
Treason Online.Update: And a hidden one for Rush Limbaughtomy.

Hell for Halliburton: Counters for Treason Online, Savage Cruel Bigots,
and Hell for Halliburton. Update: And a hidden one for Rush Limbaughtomy.

from The Truth Laid Bear

(bad liberals)