A Clear Case of Lookism

ex-sales managers say
Abercrombie & Fitch were after
a certain "look" for their sales force, and the less a salesperson
had of this look, the less they worked.
I was sick of getting my schedule back every week with lines through
names," says Mandrick. "I can’t look the people that work
for me, that want to be there, in the eye and…lie to them and say
‘Oh, we don’t have hours,’ when, really, it’s because they weren’t
pretty enough."

A group of minorities suing Abercrombie & Fitch doesn’t think the
retailer has the right to hire based on a look, a look they say too often
is mostly white. "[The look] is dominated by Caucasian, football-looking,
blond hair, blue-eyed males. Skinny, tall. You don’t see any African
American, Asian Americans," says Jennifer Lu, an Asian who says
she is suing the retailer for firing her and other Asians because management
preferred white males.
Abercrombie & Fitch denies these accusations, but would not speak
on camera to 60 Minutes. But the two former managers say what they saw
was "lookism" rather than racism.

As a "lookisticly-challenged" individual the Dowbrigade can empathize with the plaintiff in this case. It is high time attention was drawn
to the daily indignities, not to mention the illegally limited employment
upon those who fail to measure up to society’s standards of "looking

In fact, our attorney has advised us to file a suit against the
Downtown Hyatt in Rochester, New York, who declined to hire him for
a Head Lifeguard position on the ridiculously transparent grounds that he
Red Cross certification, when the real reason was obviously "Lookism".
Lets see, 34 years of back pay……

from CBS News

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  1. TheYeti says:

    This was the planned approach from AF back in 1996. They took the idea and the justification from Polo.

    One of the reasons I left was when they cut back the hours of our oldest and best employee (43).

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