Eliminate Delays


Two feet of snow! Reminds me of when I was a boy. Back in the day, Upstate
New York, this kind of storm was the norm.  Why, I remember having
to dig tunnels through the snowdrifts just to get to the sidewalk
so we could walk to school.

Anyway, up at dawn this morning to see what the
storm had wrought. Amazing drifted vistas of wild whiteness, and more
still pouring from the sky.  I reached for my digital camera –
and was already hip deep in the front porch drift before noticing the
camera was abnormally light! 19-year-old able-bodied but unemployed
#2 son had raided the camera batteries for his Diskman!  If he
hadn’t left the house last night at the height of the storm for a blizzard
party I swear I would have done a Homer Simpson strangle on him.

However, the invigorating two mile tramp to the
nearest open convience store did me good.  Reminded me of when
I was a boy. Oh yean, been there.  Said son will be sentenced
to digging out the car when he returns. Here is a shot from my walk.

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