Why We Celebrate the 4th of July

of the Turner Prize, transvestite potter Grayson Perry, dressed as
his alter ego Claire, famous for his vases depicting images of sex
and child abuse, at Tate Britain in London, Sunday Dec. 7, 2003. The
decision to grant Perry the award marks a rare Turner victory for traditional
arts, as the winner puts his own spin on an ancient decorative form.

Turner Prize rewards an artist aged under 50 for an outstanding exhibition
of work over a recent 12-month period. To be eligible, the artist
must either be working in the United Kingdom or British-born.

Perry is best known for his classically shaped vases which he intricately
paints with figures, patterns and text. Subjects include autobiographical
images of himself, Claire and his family, as well as examinations of
cultural stereotypes.

from Excite

(AP photo)

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