Kim Jong Il, Blogger-in-Chief

my many Korean students unanimously disagree, in a typical fit of Know-it-all-ism
the Dowbrigade firmly believes that North and South Korea
will be united, a la Germany, before the end of the decade.

Part of the reason we believe this came out at last Thursday’s Berkman
Bloggers meeting when we were discussing whether any of the current sorry
crop of Presidential candidates actually read a single blog (the consensus
was no). The Dowbrigade observed, with typical hyperbole, that North
Korean President Kim Jong Il (whom President Bush described as an "irredeemable
pygmy") was more likely to be reading our blogs than any of the US pols.  That
still stands.

The New York Times has an
interesting article
on South Korea’s plans
for the coming rapprochement:

"As the prospect of a negotiated end to the nuclear crisis with North
Korea inches closer, South Koreans are now thinking seriously about the
implications. There is the potential, they realize, for a terrible lesson
in getting what you wish for."

the New York Times

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