Come Again, Matey


Male students at a Canadian university are
being offered a free two-week holiday in Australia in return for their
An advert has been placed in the University of Calgary’s student newspaper
by the Reproductive Medicine Clinic in Albury, New South Wales

It’s getting difficult to find volunteers in Australia because of a new
law that says sperm donors can no longer remain anonymous, reports the
Toronto Star.

The clinic, who placed the advert after a suggestion from a Canadian staff
member, wants men between 18 and 40.

Their airfare, accommodation and expenses will be covered as an incentive
to donate. Applicants must be in good health and willing to have their
blood and semen analysed.

The Clinic said they’ve had 15 responses so far. While donors
must be willing to be identified in confidential records, they would have
no legal responsibilities for any children.
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